Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 09 - Best scene ever

I was planning a completely different post for this day.  I even had it mostly typed up ahead of time, on Friday morning.  But then, I finished watching Lost's series finale, "The End," on Friday afternoon.

I was going to say that I was having trouble finding one single scene that rocks my world, that this is a silly theme, and so forth.  I'd named off several scenes in several shows and described how you can't compare them and I can't pick a favorite.

But Friday, I saw the best scene ever.  For me, anyway. 

It came a little over an hour into the finale, a scene that I'd been hoping for, but fearing I wouldn't get.  The scene where Sawyer meets up with Juliet and they finally "remember" each other and their island life together.  I'd try to describe it, but here, you can watch it for yourself:

That scene fulfills my dearest wish for James "Sawyer" Ford:  that he find happiness.  And it hits every note I could ever have hoped for.  Their easy, teasy relationship, the deeper things that they communicate without words, the remembrance of things lost and the realization that they've found each other again -- it's all there.  The only scene in that finale that came close, for me, was Sun and Jin "remembering" each other.  Which also had Juliet in it, interestingly.

If you're not a Lostie, I'll explain a bit:  season 6 has two time lines going on, seemingly parallel universes, basically.  The island time line, where everyone's running around still on The Island, trying to save the universe, business as usual.  And the "sideways world" time line where not only did their airplane never crash on the island, but our merry band of not-castaways are actually pretty merry.  They're not outcasts and loners and reprobates.  Through the course of the season, in the sideways world, they bump into other not-castaways and gradually remember each other and the life they lived on the island in what basically turns out was a former lifetime.  Or their life on earth, and the sideways world is a sort of pleasant purgatory.  This being Lost, things are left fairly ambiguous there.

Anyway, Sawyer has been my fave Lost character since pretty much the first ep or two I watched, back on Memorial Day weekend in 2009 when Johnnycake and Dimples introduced me to the show.  He is, of course, broody, moody, rugged, broad-shouldered, and sarcastic.  He's also a conman, except in the sideways world, where he's a police detective.  (Ohhhhh yeah.)  While he has an on-again-off-again romance with Kate for quite some time, when he falls for Juliet in season 5, he falls for her for keeps.  And although Kate is my 2nd-fave character, I liked Sawyer better with Juliet.  She suited him.  She had a quiet honesty that forced him to abandon his bluster and be a better person -- how could I not like her?  Kate was great, but she lacked the stability that Sawyer needed to balance him out.

So.  There's what I consider the best scene ever.  Mmmmm.  How I love it.  Must now watch it again a time or two after I post this :-)

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