Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

What kind of topic is this?  Everyone likes different things.  I like Seinfeld (not my fave show, but I like it better than most modern sitcoms), but two of my best friends hate it.  Dad, Johnnycake, and I loved The Beverly Hillbillies, but my mom found it inane and annoying.  Likes and dislikes are so subjective.

So instead, I will say that everyone should turn off their silly TVs and read a book.  If we all did that -- say, if we cut out one hour a week of TV and read a book during that time, think how much richer our lives could be!


  1. So your recommendation then is Reading Rainbow.

  2. I loved Reading Rainbow! So yes, in a way, that is my recommendation.

    (My fave ep was the one about the shop "Hats to Where" that had hats that transported Levar to all sorts of different times and places.)


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