Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Want to Participate in a "Cloaked" Cover Reveal Event?

So, you know I'm working on independently publishing my book Cloaked, which is "Little Red Riding Hood" re-imagined as a western.  Like my story in Five Magic Spindles, "The Man on the Buckskin Horse," was "Sleeping Beauty" re-imagined as a western.  Same idea, whole new cast of characters and setting and story.

I'm pretty sure you know about this because I've been talking about it on my blogs off-and-on for like a year now.

It's my first time doing the indie-pub thing.  I'm nervous.  I'm excited.  I'm terrified.  I'm thrilled.  And I'm almost done with this thing at last.  Like, seriously, this book will be out in September.  I don't have a firm date yet, but it's coming.  For real.

(This popped up in my Pinterest feed today.  Perfect timing.)

I'm going to be asking for some Advance Readers soon.  Very soon.  But first... I'd kind of like to do something fun to celebrate my cover being finished and ready to share.  I've been working with graphic designer Erika Ohlendorf on a cover for my book, and... it's basically done.  We've got like one more tweak to do.  Which means that next week, I will be sharing it with all of you!

I know a number of you, my lovely and supportive and encouraging blogging friends, have been looking forward to seeing what the cover will look like.  (And to reading the book, too, I hope!)  If you would like to join me in showing off the cover on your blogs or in social media this coming Wednesday, Sept. 6, please email me at rachelkovaciny at gmail dot com with "Cloaked cover reveal" in the subject line.

All participants will receive my gratitude, fake internet points, and an imaginary hug :-)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Things I'm Hosting in September

First, a quick reminder that I'm hosting an Alan Ladd blogathon in just a couple of weeks, Sept. 1-3.  See this post for more info and to sign up if you haven't already.

Second, I'm happy to announce that I'm hosting my Tolkien Blog Party for the fifth year!  See this post on my book blog for more info, blog buttons, and so on.  It'll be much like my previous parties, with a blog tag, giveaway, and games.

I hope you'll join me for one or both!