Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sigh. How have I neglected this blog for so long?

Okay, time to catch up a bit on what's going on around here.

First off, I'm preggers again! Which is pretty much why I haven't blogged here much. Between running around after almost-two Dano and the whole pregnancy thing, I've fallen behind on lots of stuff, this blog included. Oops. I'm 18 weeks along right now, and going to have an ultrasound next week, so should be finding out what this little Jellybean is then.

This year's Combat! fanfic-writers' Recon, dubbed Rebelcon, was awesome. It was in NC, so you know I loved that, and we had lots of fun together as usual.

Haven't been to a movie theater since my previous post, so nothing new to write about there. Just nothing out right now that I want to see. Hate that late-summer/early-fall slump.

And my creativity is sorely lacking while I'm pregnant (it was last time around too), so I haven't been writing much either. Until now -- these last few days, I'm suddenly back into it again, and working on revising the three Combat! stories I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year. Pretty jazzed about that, so hoping this will continue for a while.

My craft store is still around, and I'm doing three craft shows this fall with my merch from it. Actually, the first one was on Saturday and was pretty disappointing, so not going there, thanks anyway.

I'll try to blog more often in the future, honest!