Friday, March 31, 2006

Obscure movie meme: Search for one of your favourite obscure films on Google or Yahoo images and post the best picture for your friends to guess the film. No peeking on the image headers now!

Here's mine:

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love music videos, how about you? But since we don't have cable anymore, I hadn't been able to see any new ones for ages. Until Cowboy discovered this fantabulous site called Music-Codes, that is. They've got all kinds of music videos there that you can watch for free!!! As long as you have a fast enough connection, of course. Although they don't always work for me--Cowboy can get videos to play every time, but I seem to have some sort of adverse affect on the site and can only get them to work now and then.

Oh, if you double-click on the little screen where the video pops up, it goes full-screen for you.

You can browse through it alphabetically by artist, or else search for particular artists or videos. Or you can just go see MY favorite videos, following the links below :-D

Check out Bobby Darin singing "Beyond the Sea". The ending cracks me up every time. Starting with "I got a oldie you don't even remember," I go totally giggly. Crazy 'bout them low notes!

"It's My Life" and "Everyday" are my two fave Bon Jovi videos, at least so far. I adore the grin Jon does at the end of "Everyday"--if I could figure out a way to screencap that, I would.

I think "If You're Gone" and "Disease" are my favorite Matchbox Twenty videos. "If You're Gone" is also my fave song of theirs...and the video's from back when Rob Thomas had his really cute hair.

"Someday" by Nickelback--I love the song, and the concept behind the video rocks. Oh, and the way Chad Kroeger looks here is how I envision Sirius Black in the Harry Potter books, only Sirius has black hair instead. I really like the video for "Too Bad" too. I always figured that song was autobiographical, but the video really makes that connection clear...and gives me chills every time I watch it.

As for Creed, I've always been partial to "My Own Prison" and "Don't Stop Dancing". The former reminds me of season five of Angel, and I like the setting in the latter. Waaaaah, I just watched "My Own Prison" and got all sad again about them breaking more Creed concerts ever :-(

And my favorite Shakira video is definitely "Objection (Tango)". Cowboy's right--I would totally call in superheroes to help me beat someone up like she does. I like "Underneath Your Clothes" too...and it's so cool that that's her Antonio she's all over in the video.

Then there's the odd video for Hoobastank's song "The Reason". I love the song. And the video is really cool...but it has absolutely nothing to do with the song. Hmm.

Okay, enough linking to music videos for one post. There are others that I really like, so maybe I'll post about them at a later time. Happy watching!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oooh, I take it back. Matthew Macfadyen is a lovely Mr. Darcy. The scene where Elizabeth refuses Darcy's hand is always the deciding scene, and he passed through it with high-flying colors. Of course, it helped that he and Elizabeth were both drenched and taking shelter from a rain storm, very nicely set and filmed. It helps that he looks a great deal like Clive Owen, of course.
I wanted to watch Capote tonight. Can you believe all 3 video rental stores in Ruralsburg have rented all their copies? How absurd! There must be more intellectuals around here than I thought.

I got the new Pride and Prejudice instead. It's pretty good. Matthew Macfadyen is no Colin Firth, but he's not bad despite that. And Keira Knightley's not irritating me at all.

But the best news of today is that I've downloaded a free trial of a screencap program...and this is now my desktop image:Dunno what Cowboy'll think about that yet, but he's usually very good-natured about me putting random pics of Angel or Sgt. Saunders or Boromir up on the desktop. And he changes them to pictures of Shakira now and then, so it turns out relatively evenly in the long run...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Just when you think being an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart is the most boring job in the universe...we have a bomb threat! Around 5:30 this morning, they announced that we all needed to evacuate the building in a calm and orderly fashion through the nearest exit. Being the obstinate third-shifters that we are, and knowing that it's like 20 degrees outside, we all walked to the break room and got our coats in a calm and orderly fashion. Our manager must have been anticipating this move, because she was in the break room too, and told us to just punch out and go home, because we were mostly done with tonight's work anyway. It might turn out they need to pay us for this lost time, but she wasn't sure.

When we got outside, there were a couple cop cars outside the doors with rude flashing lights and polite policemen making sure no one went back inside. So I got in the Bubblecar and drove home. Not only do I get an extra hour to spend with my favorite Cowboy, but I got to see part of an excruciatingly beautiful sunrise as I drove home. Honestly, if you painted a sunset like that, they would accuse you of being gaudy and unrealistic.

So I have no idea what the bomb threat was all about, but it was definitely a more exciting end to my night of work than I'd anticipated!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's like I'm in college again. Our neighbor is blaring music through our adjoining kitchen wall. Well, some people might call it music. You know what it sounds like? Techno-country. I didn't even know they made techno-country! What twisted, bizarre, unethical toad thought that mix up? And then gave it to my neighbor? Yikes. And when I say 'blaring', I mean I could hear it on the other side of my apartment, in the bathroom, with the door shut.

Should I go bang on the wall? Or put my portable cd player next to the wall, stick in a Metallica cd, and fight back?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Banana had her baby! She was due two weeks ago, but managed not to have it until the Leatherneck* got back from boot camp! He got home last weekend, and she had their baby this morning: a healthy boy papoose :-D I'm an aunt for the third time!

I was going to blog about peanut butter tonight, but the Papoose takes precedence. Peanut butter can wait for later. Except I think I'll go eat some right now...

*Leatherneck, formerly Nerf Herder, formerly Rescue Ranger

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The formatting for "Dying Like Men" has been fixed! It's readable now, so if you want to check it out and let me know what you think of it, feel free to do so (hint hint hint)...

Just to get you in the mood, here's one of the best screen caps ever of Sgt. Saunders:(Thank you to KT for supplying me with so many luscious droolage-causing pics!)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So I just finished watching The Magnificent Seven with one of the commentary tracks, the one with Eli Wallach (Calvera), James Coburn (Britt), Walter Mirisch (Producer), and Robert Relyea (Assistant Director). I was a little disappointed. Not that they didn't all have really fascinating stuff to talk about, because they did. But they either had Eli Wallach's microphone on wrong, or else something is screwed up with my copy or the way they recorded. Because I had to crank my volume waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up to hear anything Wallach said, and then I'd have to quick turn it down again when one of the others would say something. Very annoying. Anyone else watched the commentary for this movie and had the same problem? Maybe I should see if the library has it and if their copy is the same, or if I just got a messed-up disc.

Anyway, I do adore this movie. And it was awesome hearing about how it was made, little memories and funny stories about the production, and about other things these guys worked on as well. Eli Wallach said that the reason Sergio Leone cast him in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly was because of the little shot in How the West Was Won where he pretends to shoot the two little kids by pointing his finger at them and going "pkew pkew". Also, Wallach tried to play Calvera, and any other heavy he played, not as a bad guy per say, but as a guy trying to make a living, just doing things in a way that the "good guys" disagreed with. And really, isn't Calvera the most loveable bad guy? You really kinda feel bad when he gets killed. Also, one of the coolest things James Coburn pointed out was the fact that his character only has eleven lines in the whole movie. He has scads of scenes, but only eleven lines! I didn't count them this time around, but I'll try next time I watch it.

Anyway, the other extras I've watched so far have been marvelous, so if this sound thing is the only glitch I find in this whole 2-disc set, oh well, it ain't gonna break my heart.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show:

10. "Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfftt"
9. "Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army"
8. "Opie's Hobo Friend"
7. "Andy's English Valet"
6. "Barney's First Car"
5. "The Inspector"
4. "Citizen's Arrest"
3. "Convicts at Large"
2. "Man in a Hurry"
1. "The Haunted House"

I really love this show. I thought it was kinda funny when I was little, but once I actually moved down to North Carolina and discovered how true all the little details are, I realized it's hilarious. Since Don Knotts just died this past weekend, I thought I'd post a little something about the show...