Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love music videos, how about you? But since we don't have cable anymore, I hadn't been able to see any new ones for ages. Until Cowboy discovered this fantabulous site called Music-Codes, that is. They've got all kinds of music videos there that you can watch for free!!! As long as you have a fast enough connection, of course. Although they don't always work for me--Cowboy can get videos to play every time, but I seem to have some sort of adverse affect on the site and can only get them to work now and then.

Oh, if you double-click on the little screen where the video pops up, it goes full-screen for you.

You can browse through it alphabetically by artist, or else search for particular artists or videos. Or you can just go see MY favorite videos, following the links below :-D

Check out Bobby Darin singing "Beyond the Sea". The ending cracks me up every time. Starting with "I got a oldie you don't even remember," I go totally giggly. Crazy 'bout them low notes!

"It's My Life" and "Everyday" are my two fave Bon Jovi videos, at least so far. I adore the grin Jon does at the end of "Everyday"--if I could figure out a way to screencap that, I would.

I think "If You're Gone" and "Disease" are my favorite Matchbox Twenty videos. "If You're Gone" is also my fave song of theirs...and the video's from back when Rob Thomas had his really cute hair.

"Someday" by Nickelback--I love the song, and the concept behind the video rocks. Oh, and the way Chad Kroeger looks here is how I envision Sirius Black in the Harry Potter books, only Sirius has black hair instead. I really like the video for "Too Bad" too. I always figured that song was autobiographical, but the video really makes that connection clear...and gives me chills every time I watch it.

As for Creed, I've always been partial to "My Own Prison" and "Don't Stop Dancing". The former reminds me of season five of Angel, and I like the setting in the latter. Waaaaah, I just watched "My Own Prison" and got all sad again about them breaking more Creed concerts ever :-(

And my favorite Shakira video is definitely "Objection (Tango)". Cowboy's right--I would totally call in superheroes to help me beat someone up like she does. I like "Underneath Your Clothes" too...and it's so cool that that's her Antonio she's all over in the video.

Then there's the odd video for Hoobastank's song "The Reason". I love the song. And the video is really cool...but it has absolutely nothing to do with the song. Hmm.

Okay, enough linking to music videos for one post. There are others that I really like, so maybe I'll post about them at a later time. Happy watching!


  1. I keep meaning to check these out and I keep forgetting... but it's on my agenda!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of them :-D Esp. since almost all of them are things you don't normally listen to.


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