Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I wanted to watch Capote tonight. Can you believe all 3 video rental stores in Ruralsburg have rented all their copies? How absurd! There must be more intellectuals around here than I thought.

I got the new Pride and Prejudice instead. It's pretty good. Matthew Macfadyen is no Colin Firth, but he's not bad despite that. And Keira Knightley's not irritating me at all.

But the best news of today is that I've downloaded a free trial of a screencap program...and this is now my desktop image:Dunno what Cowboy'll think about that yet, but he's usually very good-natured about me putting random pics of Angel or Sgt. Saunders or Boromir up on the desktop. And he changes them to pictures of Shakira now and then, so it turns out relatively evenly in the long run...

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