Sunday, February 10, 2019

We Love Shakespeare Week -- The Tag

How dost thou this many a day?  Welcome all to this, my party that doth celebrate he whom we often call simply The Bard.  Come, join me now in answering these questions -- copy them upon thine own blog or website and therein inscribe thy thoughts and judgements.  Then link with haste thine answers to yon linky widget in this party's master post.

1. When and how did you first encounter Shakespeare's plays?

2.  What are your favorite Shakespeare plays?  (Go ahead and list as many as you like!)

3.  Who are some of your favorite characters in his plays?  (Again, list however many suits you.)

4.  Have you seen any of his plays performed, whether live or on film?

5.  Have you read any of his plays?

6.  Share a dream cast for one of your favorite Shakespeare plays.

7.  What draws you to Shakespeare's plays?  (Language, themes, characters, the fact that they're famous, whatever!)

8.  Do you have any cool Shakespeare-themed merchandise, like t-shirts or mugs or bookmarks, etc?  Share pictures if you can!

9.  How do you go about understanding his language?  (Do you prefer copies with translation notes, look things up online, or just read so much stuff written in Elizabethan English that you totally know what everyone's saying?)

10.  What are some of your favorite lines from Shakespeare?  (Maybe limit yourself to like ten, okay?)

Once you've filled out your tag, don't forget to come back and add a link to it on the party's master post here! And then follow the links to other peoples' tags and other posts to make new friends or see what current friends have to say about Shakespeare.

If you want to add a cool button to your post, here are a few more for you, or you can get one from the giveaway or master post too.

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