Thursday, February 07, 2019

The Truly Romantic Tag

As I mentioned a while back, Cordy is hosting a second Lovely Blog Party all month long at Any Merry Little Thought. And for that event, which celebrates favorite fictional romances, she's created this unique tag!

Isn't it romantic to be serenaded? 

I've never been serenaded, in that I've never had a guy stand outside my bedroom window and sing to me.  But Cowboy and I often sang songs to each other when we were dating, and still do now as we do a bit of housework near each other or whatever.  So I think that yes, a person singing a romantic song to the person they love is romantic.

But not if they're trying to sleep.  Nothing is romantic about waking up a person who is sleeping peacefully.  Leave them alone, okay?

Isn't it romantic to have pet names for each other? 

I think so.  I really do call my husband Cowboy in real life, and he calls me a pet name as well.  He actually started it because there were a LOT of people named Rachel at the college we both attended, so it was easier to have a pet name for me and call me that to get my attention in a crowded room, like the cafeteria.

However!  It is NOT romantic to call someone by a pet name that is demeaning, or that they hate, such as "my little munchy munchkin."  Cute is good, cutesy is not, and anything that's chirpy-twerpy-derpy... just no.  NO.

Isn't it romantic if he wants you to look him in the eye? 

It can be... but if you're feeling very shy or flustered, then it might seem like being forced to do something you aren't comfortable with.  And feeling forced to do something is not romantic.  Got it?  Good.

Isn't it romantic to be carried across the threshold? 

Why not?  Cowboy used to carry me around all over the place.  This is the advantage of finding a guy with massive shoulders and arms.  (NOTE:  I didn't fall in love with him for his muscles, but my goodness, didn't they help?)

Isn't it romantic to receive flowers and chocolates? 

It is!  I can even be romantic to buy them for yourself, in a way.  If "romantic" means showing love for someone, and you're buying them for yourself because you love yourself.  That could get very narcissistic, but I just mean that I buy myself chocolate with some regularity because it makes me happy, so not buying it for myself would be a mean thing to do, right?

Isn't it romantic to get caught in the rain? 

Goodness, yes.

Unless it's a cold rain.  Cold rain can be very unromantic because of the chances of hypothermia and so on.  But a warm spring or summer rain?  Everyone's hair plastered down and clothes clinging to them, and you're trying to find shelter together, and yeah...

Isn't it romantic to dance? 

It is always romantic to dance.  Um, by which I mean, dancing with someone you fancy is always romantic.  I've also danced with people I'm just friends with, and that's not romantic.  You know what I meant.

Isn't it romantic if he asks for your parent's permission to marry you? 

You bet your sweet bippy!

Isn't it romantic to be rescued? 

Well, if you're fishing for lake trout and get stuck clinging to a bridge and then some guy you LOATHE comes along and tries to rescue you... you might not realize that's romantic.  But it is.  Silly you.

Aside from that, yes, it can be romantic to get rescued.  Girls rescuing guys, guys rescuing girls -- romance CAN ensue.

Isn't it romantic to stargaze?

Honestly, nope, I've never found stargazing all that romantic.  It's fun, don't get me wrong.  But why gaze at the stars if you're feeling romantic?  Why not gaze at the beautiful eyes of the person you're romantically inclined toward?

Thanks for the fun tag, Cordy!  I'll be posting my other contribution to the party later this month, after my We Love Shakespeare Party next week :-)


  1. Great post, Hamelette! It was quite enjoyable to read. I particuarly liked your answer to the question about being rescued. " might not realize that's romantic. But it is. Silly you." "Girls rescuing guys, guys rescuing girls -- romance CAN ensue." This totally made me chuckle to myself. :D

    1. Thanks, Miss March! I'm glad you got a kick out of it :-)

  2. "Feeling forced to do something is not romantic. Got it? Good."


    (I might have to do this tag! We'll see . . .)

    1. Jessica, hope you do it! Your answers would be most fascinating.

  3. Excellent answers! That's a good point about the looking in the eye thing. It is not really the only proof of sincerity/bravery/whatever to be able to look someone in the eye. It's really not.

    1. Olivia, exactly. Looking someone in the eye can be an overwhelmingly intimate thing, or even a frightening thing. Some of the best parenting advice I ever read was an article that explained that forcing your child to look you in the eye when you're reprimanding them or demanding they apologize for something is a really bad idea. If a child is looking down and away and refusing to meet your eye when they've done something wrong, that's a sign of repentance and contrition and shame -- they KNOW they did something wrong. They're not defying you, they're feeling convicted by what they did, and they can't meet your eye voluntarily. If you force them to do it, you're taking away their natural way of showing their guilt. (Think of that story Jesus tells of the pharisee and the tax collector. The tax collector wouldn't even look up to heaven, but looked down and hid his face.)

      So anyway, if you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed, even in a good way, looking someone in the eye can be reeeeeeeeeeeally hard, even seem undoable. Just because someone doesn't look you in the eye doesn't mean they don't love you.

  4. I meant to click on preview but...hit the wrong button, here's my more corrected comment:

    I definitely don't mind rain on a summer's day. there is some sort of romantic vibe when two people are trying to get to shelter especially with a guy you're into that.

    oh anne and gilbert - not romantic but maybe a little bit and I really like how both of them are trying not to show their emotions - I really like that adaptation

    have a lovely day.

    1. Lissa, no problem! We've all been there.

      You don't think it was romantic that Gilbert rescued Anne? Anne would have seen it as unfailingly romantic if she hadn't been being so stubborn about Gilbert. And yes, that adaptation is delicious <3

    2. I just thought they are too young to be romantic but I guess if you're the girl or guy and looking back on this rescue, it does sound romantic.

      have a lovely day.

    3. Lissa, I think they were in their upper teens by that point, and preparing to enter the more adult world of higher education, weren't they? They were about 16 at that point, definitely old enough to start thinking about romanctic partners in a time when people were considered old enough to marry at sixteen.


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