Friday, February 16, 2007

Why do people think I'm weird because I wear a scarf? Okay, granted, it's an absurdly long scarf, but when it's cold outside, who doesn't want their ears and nose to be warm? It was -3 when I got off work this morning, with a -20 windchill. So I wound my scarf around my face and happily walked in comfy warmth to my car, as opposed to all the brainiacs who mocked me for my scarf and then spent twenty minutes on the way home trying to remember what their nose feels like.


  1. I would think everybody'd be wearing scarves. Are they nuts? I wear scarves all the time here when it gets cold and I have to go out, and as we well know, it ain't NOWHERE near as cold here as there. Scarves are our friends.

  2. It's like the freaks that won't carry umbrellas when it's raining. Like it reflects badly on their machismo or something.

  3. Don't ask me, I wear a ski mask.

  4. Ahh, but you bike. That means people figure you really need it.


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