Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So today something happened at work that really made me go, "Whoa, I'm pregnant." I mean, so far I've been really blessed and haven't had morning sickness at all, and even the tenderness in my chestuses has been diminished these last few days. But when I was eating lunch today (around 2:30am), all of a sudden in the middle of my sandwich and yogurt, I got the table-spins! I was just reading LotR and eating as usual and then the whole lunchroom turned into a tilt-a-whirl. It only lasted for probably ten seconds, though it felt a lot longer, but I was really glad I was sitting down when it hit. Eeep! I took a bunch of deep slow breaths and it went away and didn't happen again, thank the good Lord. I came home and googled to see if dizzyness is a symptom of early pregnancy, and sure enough, it is. Ew. Hope it doesn't happen sometime when I'm like on top of a ladder or something!

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