Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hmm. I seem to recall blizzards being more exciting when I was a kid. We had a blizzard here tonight, in that we had winds and snow. Whenever I looked out the window, I could still see the house next door, and the snow was never blowing at a more than 45 degree angle. Guess blizzards are different in town than out on the flat MI farmland where I grew up. But we got quite a bit of snow, or so it seems -- I haven't been out, as I'm just getting over a cold and would like to continue getting over it. But they were predicting 7-10 inches for tonight... and we got almost a foot last night too....

Cowboy's not home from work yet (I didn't go to work at all cuz of the snow), but it doesn't look like they've plowed our street yet, so he'll probably have to park out on main and walk the two blocks down to our house like he did yesterday.

And to think it was in the 50s earlier this week!

Update: Cowboy is home and shoveling the driveway. He estimates we got another 10 inches, which means at least 20 inches total for the past two days. And it's snowing again. They say we'll get another 3-5 today, then an inch or so of freezing rain on top of it. Yeah. Snow, I like. Freezing rain, not so much. They've closed the interstate, one of the roads I use to get to work, and most of the town where I work is shut down. The cops say that unless it's a medical emergency, they're not coming. If you get stuck in a ditch, it's your own fault for being stupid. And if the cops in their Crown Vics with studded tires don't want to be out....

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  1. Blizzards were more fun as kids because we didn't have to drive in it! And no school! Lol. But when you go to work anyway knowing there's a snowstorm on the way, it can be nerve wracking.


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