Sunday, February 25, 2007

Week eight is over. I've been preggers for two months already -- whoa. Only seven or so to go.

Still no morning sickness, thank the Good Lord. And my food aversions seem to be lessening in intensity a little. Or maybe I'm just getting used to things tasting weird. I'm definitely hungry more often lately, and been eating more as a result, but seem to have still only gained that one pound. Huh. Maybe it's because I've been trying to eat healthy things more? Still, today I ate a whole mini-bag of popcorn, and yesterday there was the ice cream incident. Huh.

I've had a cold since Wednesday, but I only felt really crappy on Thursday and the rest of the time I've just been ishy and blah, lots of sneezing and nose-blowing. Used it as a nice excuse not to go to work for a few days, though. I've got gobs of sick time that I've never used, and why overdo things when I can take it easy and rest, right? So me and Gumdrop have spent a few nights lounging about watching movies and tv shows, mostly Westerns. Gotta raise this kid right, you know ;-)

Yeah, I've taken to thinking of the baby as "Gumdrop" cuz right now it's about an inch big and that's the size of a good gumdrop. And I like gumdrops, although I rarely get to eat them. Besides, it's cute, but not tooooo cutesy, and non-gender-specific. I'm sure I'll come up with a new nickname for it for this blog once it's born, but for now, Gumdrop will suffice.

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