Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I have a new rule for myself. I'm only allowed to go in the Media Warehouse once a month. Because every time I go in there, I buy vinyl. Yes, last night I went there to rent the Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection and ended up buying Elvis Sings Flaming Star as well.

It's not that I'm a huge Elvis fan. I like his music, sure, but he's not one of my top five favorite oldies artists. But, you see, when I was very little -- three our four years old -- I fell in love with Elvis' Christmas Album, which my parents had on LP. I would listen to it over and over (still do, only on CD now) and stare at the back cover, which had little pictures of other Elvis albums from the era. And one of those other albums was Elvis Sings Flaming Star. Even though I couldn't read, I knew I wanted to hear that record. Why? Because he's wearing a cowboy hat on the cover, of course! And to my tiny-Hamlette eyes, he looked a lot like James Dean's character Jett Rink from the movie Giant, with whom I was already in love by that point.

So last night I went to the Media Warehouse solely with the purpose of renting the Pink cartoons. But I had to check to see if they had any new Bobby vinyl, of course. They didn't, but the Elvis section caught my eye and I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool if... nah, they'd never have it."

But they did!

So I spent a joyous night wearing my Pink Panther "Cool Cat" t-shirt and Pink Panther slippers, listening to an Elvis album I've wanted to hear for 23+ years, and watching classic cartoons starring the only pink thing I really like :-) I maybe anti-pink, but I'm pro-Pink Panther!

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