Monday, February 23, 2015

MEMM Day 10 - "Lord of the Rings" character you relate to the most

(Please note that this is specifically for LOTR.  There's another day set aside in this meme for a certain TH character to get his moment in the spotlight.)

Who but Samwise Gamgee?  He loves flowers and plants, digging in the dirt and helping things grow.  So do I.

He rarely ventures far from home.  I like staying home best myself.  An adventure now and then is okay, but there's nothing, after all, like staying home for real comfort.

He's goggle-eyed around elves.  I would be too.

He's endlessly loyal and helpful.  I know I'm loyal, and I try to be helpful.

He kills spiders.  So do I.  Though I'd rather have someone else kill them for me.  I expect Sam felt the same.

And by the end of the story, he gets to marry the person he loves and be happy.  Me too!


  1. I adore Sam. He always was my favorite.

    1. He's my second-favorite, but that's pretty typical for me and ISFJ characters. They're almost always my second-favorites in anything. With a few exceptions.

  2. This post just makes me grin, particularly that last bit. Love it all. The spider bit is so true!

    1. I was going to write this really deep, serious post, and then I was like, "No, I will put in lots of pictures. I'm too fuzzy-brained to be deep and insightful." And it turns out I love this way more than what I was envisioning.


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