Thursday, February 12, 2015

MEMM Day 06 - Favorite moment/line in "The Two Towers"

I actually have two favorite moments from The Two Towers, and I can't decide between them.  One is Aragorn returning to Helm's Deep after he's been presumed dead.  When he pushes those doors open -- zowie!  If I'd been writing this story, that would have been a Moment I looked forward to and wrote toward with great eagerness.

The other moment is also a return to Helm's Deep, but Gandalf's instead.  That sunshine floods in, and there he is on Shadowfax, and I'm getting all goosebumpy just remembering it.  Beautiful.

As for a favorite line, I dearly love it when Boromir calls Faramir "little brother" in one of the flashbacks in the extended editions  This is purely because I absolutely adore it whenever Sean Bean says the phrase "little brother" because of Reasons, and having him use it here was so joy-inducing the first time I saw the extended edition because I'd been hoping and hoping it would happen, but didn't expect it would because why on earth would Peter Jackson know I wanted to hear Sean Bean say that?

(And now I'm starting think that might be in a flashback from ROTK instead.  Hmph.  I need to refresh my memory, clearly.)


  1. The Aragorn Entrance is spectacular;) BUT GANDALF THOUGH!!! It's like hope is radiating from him, and it's just so good!

    Boromir and Faramir's relationship. Will there ever be words enough to express...

    1. And then Eomer rides up beside Gandalf, and my heart kinds of explodes from joy.

      And I love so much that they explored Boromir and Faramir's relationship a bit, since we never got to see that in the theatrical versions (or books). I love how they interact.

  2. :D That door opening is indeed a fantastic moment. So is him putting on all his armor to get ready for battle.

    Very oddly, I've never been moved by Gandalf and Eomer's arrival. Isn't that weird? It's such a climatic moment, but it has just never affected me. Not sure why that is. Awesome timely rescue! Deb remains unfazed. Nope, not sure what's up with that.

    1. Well, the eagles never affect me like they do you -- everyone has different buttons.


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