Wednesday, February 04, 2015

"Aftermath in Abilene"

Over the past year, I have been co-writing a fanfic story about what happens next to the characters from one of my favorite westerns, Gunfight in Abilene (1967).  We call it "Aftermath in Abilene," and my cowriter, Mounty Swiss, has just posted it here on!

We've naturally focused on the main character, Sheriff Cal Wayne (Bobby Darin), and his deputy, Ward Kent (Don Galloway).  Why naturally?  Because I love Bobby Darin and Mounty Swiss loves Don Galloway, of course.

And it involves Cal's childhood sweetheart, Amy (Emily Banks) as well.  I don't want to say too much more because if you haven't seen the movie and now want to, I don't want to spoil it for you.

If you've never seen Gunfight in Abilene, I highly recommend it!  You can buy it on DVD at long last, and it's a really good lesser-known western.  Clean (one swear word) and dramatic and, well, I love it.  If you haven't seen it but want to read my story, you can read my synopsis of the movie here.

Basically, I wrote all the Cal scenes in our story, and Mounty Swiss wrote all the Ward scenes.  Because English is not her first language (or even her second), I did kind of Americanized her scenes a little so they would all mesh nicely.  But I think the majority of the plot came from her ideas.  We made a great writing team, and I'm so happy we created this story together!  I hope you like it :-)  Again, you can read it here -- it's broken into chapters, so don't get to the bottom of the page and wonder why it's so short, hee.


  1. YAAAYYY and I can't wait to read it!!!!!! :) (But oh my, the movie looks really good and interesting, too.......maybe I'll need to see that first since you mentioned it. ;P)

    And also, I have been on here since you changed it (only I don't think I've commented---apologies.....apologies....), but I LOVE your new header!! And so excited to see Christian Imagination up on your current reading list! ;)

    1. If you watched this, I would be precisely like you waiting to find out how I liked N&S. It's very dear to me, though it's not the best western ever. But I love it dearly. In fact, I have two prints from it decorating my living room. It's Bobby Darin. It's a western. What more can I say?

      I can say that if you do want to watch it, don't read the story first if you're anti-spoilage! The story is full of movie-spoilers.

      And thanks! I like it too. I changed it when DKoren and I decided we were going to do the Middle Earth meme, in anticipation :-D

      And yup, I'm deep in the throes of the first essay of "The Christian Imagination." Quite nifty!

  2. Hamlette,
    I feel I must see this Bobby Darin and hear more of his character within this tale... However, though I don't really (and I am almost embarrassed to admit this :)) mind spoilers, to be a good girl, I will wait to read this until I can watch the film!

    1. I don't generally mind spoilers either! Unless it's something I deeply care about. Then I avoid them assiduously. But otherwise, they don't bug me.

      (I feel you must see this movie too. Discussing this with your sister in an email...)


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