Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Last of the Period Drama Tag

The end of the challenge.  :-(  I've enjoyed this so much that I don't want it to end!  But here are the last of Miss Laurie's questions, and my answers.

1. How many period dramas did you review?

Twenty-three! Can you believe that?  And I thought I would barely manage twelve.  Turns out that I watch a lot of period dramas anyway, so it wasn't hard to find ones to watch and review for the challenge.

2. Did you enjoy reading reviews from the other challenge participants?

Absolutely!  I've made some new friends through this, and am following ten more blogs thanks to this.  Ten!

3. Did you review mostly films you'd seen before or new-to-you films?

I reviewed 10 that I'd seen before, and 13 that I hadn't, so I'd say it's a fairly even mix.

4. Of the films that were new to you, which was your favorite?

Probably either Northanger Abbey (2007) or 42 (2013).

5. What new period dramas have you discovered through this challenge that you look forward to viewing in future?

Too many to count!  I've got a list going, and they include things like Ivanhoe and Persuasion and Mirror, Mirror.

6. Would you be interested in participating in a similar challenge next year?

Absolutely!  I would love to do that.


  1. Wow, 23 period drama reviews! Good going! Talk about being diligent.

    I wanted to tell you that I was scrolling through the Fox Movie Channel upcoming listings, and I discovered that "Swamp Water" is going to be on this Thursday. Since you and DKoren have both mentioned this film to me, I programmed my DVR for it. I'm looking forward to seeing it, and I count myself lucky that it just happened to be on the schedule. That doesn't usually happen to me.

    1. Awesome! "Swamp Water" is such an interesting movie, it's hard to really describe. So glad you'll get to see it for yourself!

  2. A stunning count! glad for you to have enjoyed that many stories and time to enjoy them =)
    I too loved watching new and familiar movies to widen my viewing. A totally fun challenge & I'd be signing on for another myself!
    HapPy to have met you & look forward to our next adventure =))

    1. I am stunned myself! Far and above my expectations, since I only get to watch movies once my kids are in bed.

      I definitely hope Miss Laurie hosts another challenge some time, as this was great fun!


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