Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me

Having been tagged by the effervescent Millie, I hereby present unto you a list of 10 things you probably don't know about me just from reading my blog.  Some of them might surprise even those who know me well in real life, we'll see.

1.  I have lived in seven different states so far.  I was born in Iowa, moved to Michigan when I was 3, moved to North Carolina when I was 12, went to college in Minnesota and lived there for a year after I graduated at got married, moved to Wisconsin and lived there for four years, moved to Connecticut two and lived there for three years, and moved here to Virginia two years ago.

2.  Thanks to all that moving, my three kids were all born in different states.  My brother and I were born in different states too, so it's a proud tradition to carry on.

3.  I have been to all 48 of the continental states in the USA.  Granted, I was only in Washington state long enough for my family to all use the bathroom at a rest stop, but still.  I was there.

4.  My favorite flavor shots for coffee are amaretto and hazelnut.

5.  In college, I participated in an all-girl version of the classic Monty Python skit "Buying a Bed."  We performed it for a talent show.  I played the husband.  Instead of singing the "Hallelujah Chorus" at the end, we sang the school song.  We did not win the talent show.  (Note -- that link leads to the actual Monty Python skit.  Watch at your own risk!)

6.  I have never had a haircut.  I just get the bottom 4 to 6 inches trimmed off a couple times a year.  Once my hair gets down past my waist, I get annoyed and have it trimmed.

7.  I had a poem published in Highlights magazine when I was 7.

8.  I have never ridden a motorcycle.  Sad but true.

9.  I loathe flipflops.  Cannot stand having things between my toes, you see.  The sight of toe socks and toe rings makes me shudder.

10.  My favorite kind of pie?  Pumpkin!  :-9

Okeydokey, that's all the fun and games I have time for!  I hereby tag Kara, Gabrielle, Analiese, and Whimsey/Rebecca.  Play if you want to, whether or not I've tagged you!


  1. I can't believe you have not experienced the full brilliance of my glorious Washington. Such sadness.

    Also, being called effervescent is probably the greatest compliment I have received since I was called a changeling. Thank you. ;-D

    Loved the list!

    1. One day, I'll see more of your state! I'm sure of it. If it makes you feel better, if I hadn't gotten married after college, my best friend and I planned to go live in Seattle and be starving artists/writers.

      You're quite welcome! It was the first word that comes to my mind when I think of you.

  2. May I just say that toe socks give me the complete willies. The very thought of putting those on freaks me out. Awful invention! However, I don't mind flipflops and could not survive summer without them.

    1. Flip flops aren't quite as bad, as they only separate two toes, not all of them.

  3. Wow, you have traveled a lot. I have only been to three states and lived in one, although I am glad because I am not the type of person who enjoys traveling.


    1. I did most of that traveling as a kid -- my grandparents took my family on a lot of long car trips to nifty places. Now I mostly just travel to my parents' house in NC and back. I do enjoy traveling, getting to see new places and so on. I even have a peculiar fondness for tourist traps!

  4. Okay, hold the phone! This just keeps getting more and more interesting, my dear Hamlette. Seriously!

    First-you live in VA?! Really? That's my home state! In fact, I will be visiting there in just a couple weeks to see my family. Secondly-I LOVE pumpkin pie! Definitely my favorite. So that settles it, we're kindred spirits to the nth degree! :D

    But calming down now. You have really traveled a great deal! Even though it was mostly when you were younger, what great memories you must have. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    You're far beyond me in poetry writing. I had a poem published when I was young also, but it was only in a little book that I'm sure no one but parents of the poets ever bought and read. I think I may still have it somewhere....

    1. Yup, we've lived in VA since 2011. Totally love it here!

      And pumpkin pie is just superior to all other pies. That's all there is to it! You and I know the truth.

      The poem I had in Highlights was in the section for stuff written and drawn by kids. It went like this:

      "The Ant"
      You're teeny weeny
      But I can see thee.

      Very high-brow stuff, eh? And then I quit writing poetry until I went to college. And now I rarely write it because I'm just more into fiction again.

  5. Hi there! I am so sorry I didn't play sooner! I have been taking a bit of a vacation from the blogosphere, and I have also been working...But I am still going to play! :-) I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

    1. I take the occasional blogosphere vacay myself, so I completely understand! Like I said, play if you want to :-) No time limit!

      Having a really good summer so far -- everyone's been healthy, my yard sale last weekend was a success, and I've seen some fab movies in the theater. What more could I ask for? :-D

    2. I love yard sales!!! I'm so glad yours went well! Going to yard sales is like looking for buried treasure... :-)

      What movies have you seen? What did you think of the new Hobbit trailer??? I'm already saving up an AMC gift card so my brother and I can go opening night! :-)

    3. Yard sales rule! I wish I was able to go to more of them.

      Let's see, since the beginning of May, I've seen Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Epic, and The Lone Ranger (twice). I'll be going to The Wolverine on Saturday :-D

      The new Hobbit trailer is intriguing -- can't wait for it, or for Thor 2.

  6. Maybe it's because I'm from California, but I'd be in flip flops all day if I could! So jealous of #3! All 48 states?? I have a few more to go.

    #7 = famous in my book.

    Fun list!!

    1. Thanks! Glad it amused you. I have a friend who lives in CA who also loves flipflops, but sandals are as close as I'm gonna get.

  7. I had to laugh that you have never had a haircut. I change my hair (color or style) on a very regular basis, so I usually have about 4 haircuts a year!

    I detest closed-in shoes. (My Florida flip flop blood runs strong.) I wear flip flop-type shoes as long as I can...and I even insist on wearing them when it's 30 degrees outside and there's snow on the ground. Now, I must say that they are not your average flip-flops, because I am very much a dress up person. They are called switch flops (google that). They have that piece you detest which goes between the first 2 toes, but they have a heel and can be fairly fancy.

    Wow, all 48 of the continental United States. I'm impressed. I have only been in 41 of them. I have lived in 6 of them (FL, PA, MT, TX, ID, GA), but 2 of those 6 were for 6 months or less (TX and GA).

    1. Yeah, my mom gets several haircuts a year, sometimes perms and stuff. Just not my thing. I'd rather spend that money on a couple trips to the theater, and my hubby likes my hair long anyway.

      I wear open-toed sandals about 9 months a year. I go barefoot indoors year-round. I hate all shoes, and socks too. Blech.

      Switch Flops look spiffy! But yeah, no things between my toes, thanks.


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