Saturday, July 01, 2006

So...we bought a new car. Well, technically it's a used car, but it's new to us. We traded in the dear Bubble Car (1996 Ford Taurus) for a 2006 Ford Five Hundred.

Going car-shopping is less fun than just about anything other than having sharp objects shoved under your toenails. Especially when the doggone dealerships are only open during the day and you work 3rd shift. On Thursday morning, Cowboy and I went on the actual hunting part of this whole deal, and Noumenon came along because he's thinking about getting a car too (he liked a shaggadelic purple PT Cruiser best). The hunting was fun, because I got to test drive like nine cars.

The not-so-fun part was Friday morning when we spent about four hours doing the final test drive and wangling the price down to an acceptable level ($17,950-ish before fees and taxes but after trading in the Bubble Car). I got to help wangle, and I'm directly responsible to knocking a whole $1,000 off the price, just because I noticed a sale price in the window of it on Friday that was gone on Saturday. We said we'd been interested in the sale price ($18,950), but that the normal price ($20,950) was too much. And they honored the sale price even though the sale was over :-D But MAN were we tired Friday night when we had to go to work.

But it's over now. We have the new car. We haven't named it yet, but here's an idea of what it looks like:

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