Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! I found an unaired 5-minute Angel pilot/promo thingie! It's all Angel explaining his history and stuff, mostly intercut with old bits of Buffy eps and some stuff that shows up in the first few Angel eps as well. He breaks the fourth wall constantly, which makes me smile even more. Sigh.

There's also a 30-minute unaired Buffy pilot out there, with the original Willow... who, btw, completely sucks. No chemistry with anyone, and very 8th-grade-school-play acting. Lots of differences in this thing, like Buffy is a brunette, Xander's hair is completely horrible, there's a different Principal Flutie, Giles comes of as kinda creepy (altho he quotes Hamlet, so I gotta give him a yay! there). Xander did get one pretty good line: "I don't like to hit girls that I'm afraid of." :-)


  1. It sure takes different stuff to lure a network executive than a fan. They must have been thinking, "So is this guy personable? Is he able to carry the series?" The part that appeals to me is just the little bit where Doyle says "Some damsels don't want to be rescued" and after a shot of Darla they show Faith.

  2. Hee...as opposed to me, who mostly likes the stuff where he's standing around on the rooftop soliloquizing. Maybe I'm a network exec in disguise? Nah, then I coulda done something about keeping Firefly on the air....


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