Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mom is here for a visit, so if I don't blog much until after the 26th or so, that's why. We're having a fantabulous time, as usual! I picked her up at the airport last night, we had ice cream on the way home, and then we watched Signs together! It was her first M. Night Shyamalan movie, and she totally dug it! Yay!

Then in the morning, we took her to a cheese factory and she found her favorite kind of cheese, that her Dutch grandpa used to feed her when she was little. It's Swiss with caraway seeds. Boy, was she thrilled to find it! It's not a very common cheese, and she can't get it back home.

Tonight, we watched two Combat! eps, went grocery shopping, then watched this divine Gary Cooper/Barbara Stanwyck/Dana Andrews movie, Ball of Fire. Quirky in the extreme, and I love it! So did Mom :-D

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