Monday, July 03, 2006

One of my favorite western shows is The Big Valley. In fact, it's one of my favorite tv shows, period (did I ever do a list of my top fave shows?).

Well, season one of The Big Valley has come to dvd. And my dear Daddy sent me a set! He got it himself, you see, and when I found out, I was all excited because I've always always always wanted to see the first few eps, to see how Heath (my fave character) joined the Barkley family. So I asked if maybe Mom could bring it with her when she comes to visit me later this month. Daddy didn't really want to let his set out of his sight, however, which I can understand. So he offered to make me copies of it. Which I refused, because as piratical as I may be, I don't break copyright laws (much). I certainly don't copy dvds or cds wholesale.

Daddy was so proud of my refusal that he bought me my own set! Sigh. What a wonderful father, don't you think?

Anyway, I got the dvds today and promptly watched the very very very first episode, called "Palms of Glory". And who does the very first shot showcase, but my dear Heath! I always knew the whole show revolved around him (I'm always convinced everything revolves around my favorite characters), but I didn't know it started out that way from the very beginning!

Anyway, the first ep was wonderful, but weird in the way that most pilot eps are. The characters aren't quite established, relationships haven't gelled yet, and everything is just a little awkward and tentative. I had to laugh several times because characters were either being so very much like their usual selves, or very unlike them. Jarrod was a bit more dandy and callow than I'm used to. Nick was his usual hotheaded self, but with a bit of a mean streak that I don't remember. Victoria started out being some sort of odd grand-lady-of-the-house (since when does Victoria take naps in the middle of the day and complain if the boys wake her up?), but by the end of the ep she was settling into the sensible, firm, compassionate matriarch. Audra was tricksy and much less naive than usual. And as for Heath, well, what can I say? He was in Uber-Heath mode, very broody and touchy, bordering on sullen at times. Of course, since this ep was full of juicy "I'm your father's illigitimate son" tension, he had a right to be edgier than normal. But he was being very whiny and grabby at times and I wanted to smack him. Oh well, he'll learn what it means to be a Barkley soon enough.

And just think -- I have the whole rest of first season to watch! Oh happy day!

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