Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well, Cowboy and Noumenon and I are going car hunting in the morning. Noumenon doesn't have a car and thinks it's about time he acquired one. And repairs on our Bubble Car are starting to add up to more than it's worth. So we're gonna go look at new ones.

Car hunting is dull. There are no guns involved, no stalking of prey, no hiding in grass or bushes or trees.

In other news, we've discovered another song I mis-hear. I seem to have an especial problem with Elvis songs. In his song "Kentucky Rain", I always heard the line, "Kentucky rain keeps pouring down / Another hedge, another town that I'll go walkin' through..." in the chorus. Cowboy informs me it's actually "And up ahead's another town." Hmph. There goes my mental image of Elvis slogging along between big wet hedges.

In yet other news, I watched a very odd Johnny Depp movie last night, at the recommendation of ED: Dead Man. Odd Western thing with a much different end than I'd been hoping for. Mostly I just liked watching Johnny wandering around with war paint and a pistol.


  1. Sounds like a Kirby line: "Another hedge, another town."

    I think you just always have C! on the brain. Maybe you're trying to cast Elvis as an ENG?

    And car hunting is dull, but car test driving can be quite fun. "Let's see how well this baby corners!" and "Hang on, I'm going to test the brakes now!" *screeeeecchhh*

  2. We should have gone to the Volkswagen dealership to hunt Rabbits.

  3. We should have gone to the Volkswagen dealership to hunt Rabbits.

    I can only respond with the lyrics to a Metallica song:

    In an abandonded warehouse
    with no lights
    just shadows
    and soon, no rabbits

    The purpose of the event is to pass the torch from one generation of heavey metal to the next.

    And there, live, in his black leather hunting outfit,with his shotgun guitar with spikes coming out of it, Ozzy Fudd, The Rabbit Slayer

    In the dead of night
    A shimmerwing wight
    Gweam of a bwade
    and the devil is paid
    When the axe comes down
    A chiwwing sound
    Steel hits the head
    another wabbit's dead

    I'm a wabbit swayer
    a guitar pwayer
    with a nasty habit
    kill the wabbit


    I'm a mean mistweater
    and a wabbit feaster
    and I pwedict
    a bwoody Easter
    a scuwying shadow
    And a shadow moves to stab it
    and the night air echoes
    kill the wabbit

    Kill the wabbit
    Kill the wabbit
    Kill the wabbit
    Kill the wabbit

    Kill the wabbit
    Kill the wabbit

    and the won't be any omre wabbits awound
    no more woger wabbit
    no more peter wabbit
    and no more pwayboy bunny wabbits

    a hahahahaha

    be vewy vewy careful

    cwazy wabbit


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