Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's truly official now. I'm going to the Combat! Fanfic Recon in Atlanta in September! I just got my plane tickets this morning!

What am I thinking? I'm spending a weekend in Atlanta with a bunch of crazy writers/readers all obsessed with a 1960's tv show about WWII? Only one of whom I've ever met before in person? I must be crazy, huh?

More like giddy with glee. We fanfic writers have their own email list, seperate from the 'official' C! discussion list They've been planning this Recon (our word for convention, basically) for months and months and months. And I didn't think I'd be able to go, which made me very glum indeed, whenever I thought of it.

But due to Cowboy's love of spoiling me, a little deviousness on my part in regard to the usage of vacation time and switching days off at work, and my ever-burgeoning friendship with DKoren, I'm going going going going going!!!!!!!!!!

It's not gonna be like the 'real' recons, aka "Comboat '96" and "Recon 2000". None of the stars of the show will be there (although there is a mysterious Surprise Guest whispered about behind closed tent flaps). But there will be about 20 fanfic writers (I think all women--we have a Token Male on our fanfic email list, but I don't think he'll be attending) all running around a hotel doing crazy stuff and writing and reading and watching C! eps, etc.

Plus, after Recon, I'm flying from Atlanta to HOME! And Cowboy's flying down to meet me there, and we'll spend a week with my parents (and Grandma will probably be there by then) and friends. Yippeeeeeeeee!


  1. I always thought about going to the Buffista gatherings, but I never actually did. You're going to meet F2F! IRL! OMG!

    I wonder what Combat fans rock out to. For Buffistas, it's Violent Femmes.

    Consider making a videotape for people who can't be there. And make sure to have them narrate who is what screen name when they take it around.

  2. Yeah, I'm totally psyched. I mean, it will never make up for my being a total loser and NOT going to Recon 2000. But at least it'll be lots of fun!

    C! fans rock to old stuff. I'm just about the youngest in the foxholes. I know someone who's thinking of making a special cd for the occasion, with copies for every attendee. Not sure if it's gonna be 40's period music, or war movie scores...or maybe both!

    One of the fun things planned is a reenactment of the Battle of the Bulge...with water balloons :-D I'm signed up to be a German, along with only two other people. Better get my throwing arm back in shape!

    Love the idea of a video--I'll suggest it on the list and see if anyone's planning one. There's one of Recon 2000, so someone's probably planning to do that already. You're right, the callsigns will be key.

  3. I'll forget about it for a little bit, then, all of a sudden, I'll realize we're both going and get excited again.

    And the videotape is a good idea. I think someone on the board mentioned that once, when the Recon was first proposed, but I haven't heard anything since.

  4. Well if people knew there would be a video for sure it might deincentivize them from getting a ticket to the con.

  5. Well, the convention itself doesn't cost anything, it's really just a bunch of us writers getting together to hang out for a weekend. All we have to pay is our airfare, hotel, and food. So I don't think a video will deter anyone.

    I get little surges of excitement too. All of a sudden, I'll think, "September! Atlanta! Home! Charleston! YEAH!" (Daddy's taking us to Charleston for a couple days while we're at home, isn't that awesome? I adore Charleston in September!)


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