Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Cars" (2006) -- Initial Thoughts

So as part of our anniversary celebration this year, Cowboy took me to see Cars. At a drive-in theater. How perfect is that?

It's a fun movie. It's funny, it's (dare I say it?) cute, the graphics are glossy, and the voices are perfectly cast. I didn't drive out of the theater saying, "I have to buy this movie!", but I did say, "I want to see that again!" In the theater, if possible (we missed the first ten minutes or so because we had to stop and ask for directions). And I'll probably end up buying it, although I may manage to wait until the price goes down a little, not snap it up for $20 when it first hits shelves. We shall see.

So anyway, I liked it. A lot. Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson (Owen Wilson and Paul Newman) were supposed to dominate the movie, and most of the buzz has been about them. But the character that got the most laughs, as well as a few tears from yours truly, was Mater. Yes, the tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. Now, LCG doesn't do much for me, he's not really my kind of humor usually. But he had the perfect voice, accent, and even catchphrases for this role, and he made me miss home a lot. McQueen and Hudson are cool, but Mater is just plain good people.

Some say the pace drags. Some say the story is too corny and cutesy. Well, some people are stupid. It was a good movie, on par with Monsters, INC, in my ever-so-humble opinion. Not mind-alteringly brilliant like the Toy Storys or The Incredibles, not heartwarmingly hilarious like Finding Nemo. But it was a sweet, satisfying ride that I'd like to take again sometime.


  1. we missed the first ten minutes or so because we had to stop and ask for directions

    And who asked for directions? Hmm? Stereotypes be darned! :-)

  2. Hey, you're the brave one, of course you stopped and asked.

    Very few stereotypes apply to us, Orance. Very few.


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