Thursday, December 02, 2021

Ending my Autumn 2021 To-Do List

I would have posted this over the weekend, after Thanksgiving wrapped up, if I hadn't been so busy realizing that the cold we'd been battling for a week... was actually Covid.  

So, that's been an experience.  My kids are all over it, aside from an occasional cough or sniffle, and the same goes for my husband.  I'm definitely on the upswing too, just a few days behind them.  None of us were ever particularly sick; it's just been like a cold, except that it lingers on and on.  Like, my fever came back every evening for five straight days.  So far, I'm the only one to lose smell and taste, and that hasn't actually gone completely (yet), it's just gotten very faint for me.  We were definitely blessed with non-serious cases, like so many.

Anyway, I've got a few minutes to spare this evening, so I'm going to report in on how my to-do list went this fall :-)  Here we go!

~ Finish the major revisions of my Beauty and the Beast retelling Fail.  Complete the first round of revisions?  Yes.  Complete the major ones?  Nope.

~ Find that book a title! Fail.  Still no title.  Sigh.  This is a stubborn, stubborn title!

~ Publish a new short story in my Once Upon a Western collection Check! It's called "Who Lived in a Shoe," and my newsletter subscribers got to read it last month.  I'll be working on formatting it for Nook and Kindle this weekend, and I'll post here when it's available.

~ Read The Once and Future King by T. H. White Fail.  I got a few chapters in and just wasn't in the right mood for it, so I'll try it again another time.

~ Read 2 other books for my latest Classics Club list Check!  I read three:

(All book photos are mine from my Instagram)

~ Read 11 books off my TBR shelves Check! I read exactly 11:

~ Read 3 diverse books Check!  I read:

~ Watch 6 movies off my TBW shelves Check!  I watched:

  • Double Wedding (1937)
  • Murder, My Sweet (1944)
  • Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
  • Mr. Soft Touch (1949)
  • The Saint in London (1939)
  • The Saint's Double Trouble (1940)

~ Try some new bread recipes Check!  I tried two new recipes, one for bread and one for rolls.

~ Have friends over for an Oktoberfest celebration Check!  We had a fun time sharing German food and imported beer with a few friends (well, I'm not a beer fan, but other people enjoyed that).

~ Go camping somewhere new Check!  We tried out a campground near our house that does group campsites because we'd like to go camping there with my brother's family sometime.

~ Host my ninth annual Tolkien Blog Party on my book blog Check!  I can't believe I've hosted it for nine straight years.  I'm going to have to figure out something really spectacular to do for the tenth year.

~ Co-host the Glenn Ford Blogathon here on this blog Check!  It was lots of fun :-)

~ Make apple-cinnamon pancakes Check!  They were just from a mix, but still tasty.

~ Make pumpkin muffins Check!  We made a couple different kinds this fall.

And that pretty well wraps up my autumn!  I have launched myself headfirst into the Christmas season, so I'll leave you with this absolutely fantastic video that Cowboy found me the other day.  It mashes up one of my favorite Christmas carols with the Mandalorian theme, so you know I love it :-D


  1. Carol of the Bells is my favorite Christmas carol! I will definitely have to give that mash-up a listen.

    What did you think of Nicholas Nickleby? I quite like it.

    1. Eva, "Carol of the Bells" is second only to "What Child is This" for me! So beautiful.

      I didn't know the story of Nicholas Nickleby at all before this, so it was a continuous surprise! I think I liked it -- I certainly got a huge kick out of parts of it (especially Alan Cumming always wanting to dance the Highland Fling). I think I need to watch it a second time to really figure out what I think of it, over all.

    2. Alan Cumming is so funny! Nicholas Nickleby, the Gwenyth Paltrow Emma, Goldeneye... =)

    3. Eva, my goodness, yes! And then he turns in such a heart-warming performance as Nightcrawler in X2: X-Men United, and it's like... wow, can this be the same Alan Cumming?

  2. I watched that version Nicholas Nickleby first, then the James D'Arcy (which has more serious elements, I don't really think SA was implied in the book, but overall I preferred that one, esp, when Baby Tom Hiddles shows up . . . I screamed!).

    That is a cool song medley/mashup.

    1. Livia, this is the first version of Nicholas Nickleby I've seen too! I am not the hugest fan of Dickens, but I couldn't resist the cast :-) I mean, baby Charles Hunnam? Christopher Plummer? Anne Hathaway? Alan Cumming? Jim Broadbent? And like 900 other people I know from random movies? How could I resist?

      And hee, your reaction to Tom Hiddleston in the other one sounds like me watching the Jeremy Brett episode of Sherlock Holmes, "Shoscombe Old Place," and suddenly in swaggers a 19-yr-old Jude Law. Such a shock!

  3. Hope that you all get back to your old selves soon!
    - VT

    1. Thanks, VT! My husband and kids are back to normal, and I'm nearly there. Just need to get my energy levels up a little higher again is all :-)

  4. I'm so sorry that you got Covid! I wish you all the best in getting back to your healthiest condition! My sister got it this fall, too, which was harder on me probably on her. It's so scary!

    1. Chloe, it was honestly like having a long cold, except I did lose my sense of smell and some of my sense of taste for a few days. But both of those are almost normal again too :-)


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