Friday, December 10, 2021

Winter 2021/22 To-Do List

I'm not feeling very ambitious right now, probably because I'm still catching up on things like decorating for Christmas and wrapping Christmas presents, thanks to the low energy I had for a week with Covid.  So it's a shorter list this time, but that's okay.  Still plenty here to keep me busy!

(All book photos mine from my Instagram)

~ Finish the major revisions of my Beauty and the Beast retelling

~ Find that book a title!

~ Start a "street team" for my book series

~ Read 3 Christmas books

~ Read 3 books for my latest Classics Club list

~ Read 12 books off my TBR shelves 

~ Watch 6 movies off my TBW shelves 

~ Watch 3 Christmas movies

~ Go see Death on the Nile

(Me in Colonial Williamsburg)

~ Have friends over for a Ukrainian Christmas celebration

~ Host a mystery-themed blog party in February -- more info about that in a few weeks 

How about you?  Anything planned, large or small, for this winter?


  1. I am so pumped for Death on the Nile! That was my favorite Christie book for the longest time (and it was my first!), and I still love it, but now Murder on the Orient Express might be working its way up there. I've been waiting so long for it!

    Oh, a mystery-themed blog party? Eeep! I'm intrigued and will start looking for clues...

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas! I know that's still a while away, but it's Advent so we can say that, right?

    1. Chloe, I have never read Death on the Nile, so I am excited for it to be a new-to-me mystery!!!

      I think this February's party will be We Love Detectives... but it might be We Love Mysteries. I haven't decided yet, heh.

      Merry Christmas! I say that as often as possible as soon as Advent starts :-)

  2. I hope you're feeling better after Covid!

    I'm so excited to learn your new book's title!

    I'm planning to write a sci-fi Rapunzel retelling for a new anthology project this winter. There are cyborgs and smugglers. I'm excited. ;)

    1. Katie, I am back to normal :-D So are my kids and Cowboy, except that my teen son's sense of smell is still a little gone.

      Ooooooh, a sci-fi Rapunzel sounds groovy!

  3. Yay for feeling better! <3

    I'm HYPED for the street team.

    What's involved in a Ukrainian Christmas celebration??

    1. Thanks, Eva!

      I am gathering little goodies for the street team right now, and trying to grab time to put together a sign-up thingie and and and and... it's coming. In January.

      So, Ukraine is an Eastern Orthodox country, and the Eastern Orthodox church didn't switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendars hundreds of years ago. So all their church festivals are like 12 days after the Roman Catholic and Protestant festivals. Which means they celebrate Christmas on January 6 or 7, depending on the year. Since Cowboy's family lived in Ukraine as missionaries for many years, they like to celebrate both times! So on Orthodox Christmas (or close to it), we have friends and family over and serve them traditional Ukrainian foods like pampushky (doughnuts), borscht (beet and cabbage soup), kvas (fizzy fermented drink), and vereniki (filled dumplings). Cowboy and I also have traditional Ukrainian shirts actually made in Ukraine that we usually wear.

    2. That sounds really, really fun! Especially since you get to celebrate Christmas twice. ;)

  4. Hope you get to do everything on your list, and have a fantastic Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Skye! Merry Christmas to you and yours :-)


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