Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Who Be Ye? (A Piratical Name Game)

Ahoy!  It be time for our first piratical game o' the week.  Today, ye'll be discerning your own pirate name, the name of your archenemy, and what your pirate ship be called.  This be a simple task!  All ye needs do is follow the directions below, making your choices as indicated, and then collecting up all your answers to share in the comments so that we may all laugh at you drink your health proper-like.

Your Pirate Name

The (Description) + (Honorific) + (First Name)  (Example: The Dread Pirate Roberts)

Description -- Last letter of your middle name

  • A-E -- The Remorseless
  • F-J -- The Dread
  • K-O -- The Black
  • P-T -- The Jolly
  • U-Z -- The Horrible

Honorific -- Your Eye Color

  • Brown -- Pirate
  • Blue -- Commodore
  • Black -- Admiral
  • Green -- Captain
  • Hazel -- Commander
  • Grey -- Cabin Boy

First Name

Your first name (or your user name, if you don't share your real name online)

Your Ship's Name

First half -- where you live

  • Big city -- The Queen's
  • Small town -- The Indefatigable
  • Rural area -- The Flying
  • Suburbia -- The Royal
  • The middle of nowhere at all -- The Bonny

Second half -- your shirt color today

  • Red -- Revenge
  • Blue -- Dreadnaught
  • Green -- Disaster
  • Purple -- Delight
  • Pink -- Fancy
  • Yellow -- Fortune
  • Orange -- Satisfaction
  • Other -- Pearl

Your Archenemy

(Title) + (Last Name) + who (their crime)

Title -- Your phone's remaining battery life

  • Baron -- 100%-80%
  • Marquis -- 79%-60%
  • Colonel -- 59%-40%
  • Captain -- 39%-20%
  • Governor -- 19%-1%

Last Name -- The season you were born in

  • Spring -- Raymondo
  • Summer -- de la Montalbon
  • Fall -- Mendoza
  • Winter -- Barbossa

Their crime -- your current pet

  • a cat -- who kidnapped your sister
  • a dog -- who slandered your love interest
  • a fish -- who stole your ship
  • a rodent -- who started a mutiny against you
  • a reptile -- who killed your first mate
  • an amphibian -- who threw you in the brig
  • a bird -- who stole your parrot
  • none -- who keelhauled your best friend

Now, ye put them all together!  

For example, I be the Remorseless Pirate Hamlette, I sail aboard The Royal Fortune, and me archenemy be the Marquis Raymondo, who started a mutiny against me.

Share your results below, and then drink an extra ration of rum (or coffee?) to celebrate!  Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

And don't forget to check out the kick-off post here and enter the giveaway here.


  1. Gather 'round, lads and lasses, I be the Remorseless Pirate Andrea, I sail aboard the Indefatigable Revenge and me archenemy be the Colonel Mendoza who keelhauled me best friend. (Me best friend survived, ye know, because his name is Alan Ladd, he's tough and they needed him for the rest of the film ;-)

    1. Andrea, aye, it be very comforting to love the Main Star and know he'll survive just about anything... until the end of the film, at least, even if he doesn't quite survive that sometimes.

    2. Aye, Rachel, in "Botany Bay" me best friend got keelhauled TWICE – Paramount said by a British chap called James Mason, but I know it was me archenemy Mendoza!! Watch out, Colonel, for the Indefatigable Revenge!!

  2. Ahoy, seamen! I be the Horrible Captain Katie, I sail aboard the Royal Fancy, and my archenemy Baron Raymondo who kidnapped my sister had better watch out, because I'M COMING FOR HIM.

    1. I be The Remorseless Cabin Boy (Girl?) Charity, I sail on the Flying Fancy, and HE STOLE MY SISTER TOO. CLEARLY HE IS SLAVE TRAFFICKING AND MUST BE STOPPED.


      Our sisters must be saved from this despicable menace to human society!!!

    3. Arr, time to hoist the Jolly Roger and make way after that scurrilous rogue, Baron Raymondo and his cargo of forcibly obtained sisters!

    4. Aye! We will force him to walk the plank in shark-infested waters!

  3. I be the Dread Commodore Lydia of the Indefatigable Pearl. My archenemy is Baron Mendoza who slandered my love interest.

    1. Lydia, I hope ye slaps his face with your glove for that insult... and then run him through if he persists in his slandering.

  4. The Jolly Pirate Ivy Miranda of The Flying Revenge. My archenemy is...Mendoza Barbossa who kidnapped my sister.

    That was fun!

    1. Jolly Pirate Ivy Miranda, I believe there be an expedition about to put to sea in search of kidnapped sisters, if ye be of a mind to join them!

      Glad you had fun with it ;-) My kids and I had the best time coming up with it!

  5. The Remorseless Pirate Skye sails the The Indefatigable Dreadnaught. My archenemy is Baron de la Montalbon and he kidnapped my sister.
    (Love the remorseless bit)

    1. O Remorseless Pirate Skye, your ship name be one of the best yet! How gloriously it rolls off the tongue!

  6. Make way for the Remorseless Commodore MovieCritic! My ship, The Indefatigable Delight is in pursuit of Baron Raymondo who keelhauled my best friend! Apparently he's up to more than the kidnapping of sisters! I will not stand for this!

    1. Remorseless Commodore MovieCritic, I wishes ye godspeed on your journey to join with other desperate pirates in pursuit of Baron Raymondo and his cargo of illegally obtained sisters! Sail well.

  7. You are so clever!

    I am The Remorseless Commodore Paddy of The Queen's Dreadnaught in a never ending battle with Baron Raymondo who kidnapped my sister! (Ah, but which sister?)

    1. Remorseless Commodore Paddy, best of luck to ye in your battle. This Baron Raymondo must be stopped! How many sisters will he dare to kidnap?

  8. Ooh, this be fun!!

    I'm The Dread Commodore Heidi of The Flying Fancy. My nemesis and archenemy is Captain Raymondo who not only kidnapped my sister, but slandered my love interest AND stole my parrot. Clearly the devious knave **must be stopped**

    Thank you, how ingenious!

    1. Dread Commodore Heidi, this Captain Raymondo sounds like the villain at the beginning of Romancing the Stone who killed the heroine's brother, shot her dog, and stole her family Bible! Stop him at once!

      :-D This was great fun to dream up.

  9. (Reading these comments cracked me up so much.)

  10. Ahoy! I be the Remorseless Pirate McKayla of the Flying Pearl. My enemy is Baron Mendoza, who kidnapped my sister AND slandered my love interest. Clearly he is very, very evil, and must be stopped immediately. MY CREW BETTER BE READY TO FIGHT! *swings sword*

    1. Remorseless Pirate McKayla, best of luck to ye and your crew as you pursue the Baron and rescue your sister! Take no prisoners! Arrrr!

    2. I be the Black Pirate Deborah, and I offer my ship, the Royal Revenge, and crew in partnership to the Remorseless Pirate McKayla, because I'm also hunting the Baron Mendoza who kidnapped my sister AND slandered my love interest. How dare he do this to TWO OF US!!! He must face our wrath.

    3. DKoren, between the Black Pirate Deborah and the Remorseless Pirate McKayla, Baron Mendoza hasn't got a chance! No more kidnapped sisters or slandered love interests! Arrrrrrrr!

  11. My seems to be The Horrible Pirate Lis, my ship's name is The Queen's Fancy and my archenemy seems to be Governor Barbossa who keelhauled my best friend. I don't have a middle name so I picked the last choice on the list. This was fun!

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Horrible Pirate Lis, good luck avenging your best friend against that villainous villain!

      Glad you had fun with it :-)

  12. LOL I be the Horrible Commodore Irene, I sail(ed) on the Indefatigable Disaster and the Baron Raymondo started a mutiny against me, kidnapped my sister, and then stole my ship!

    1. Horrible Commodore Irene, I wish you luck in tracking down the scurrilous Baron Raymondo and winning back your ship and rescuing your sister!

  13. This.

    I loved this, so much!! I may not find time to participate in this week much more than this comment, but this game is golden! Alright so apparently I'm:
    The Dread Commodore Cordy whos ship is The Royal Revenge, and my enemy is none other than the Marquis de la Montalbon who keehauled my best friend. A truly heinous crime to be sure!

    1. Dread Commodore Cordy, I'm so glad you've enjoyed this game! And the whole party :-) This is probably the most-fun-to-think-up game I've ever created.

      Best of luck finding Marquis de la Montalbon and avenging your best friend!

  14. Ahoy! This is so fun.

    I am The Remorseless Commodore Rachel and my ship is The Indefatigable Pearl.
    My archenemy seems to be Baron de la Montalbon who keelhauled my best friend. I will not let this one slip!

    1. Ahoy, Remorseless Commodore Rachel! I hope you can track down the Baron de la Montalbon and avenge your best friend without delay!

  15. SO GOOD. XD

    Be ye warned! I be the Remorselesss Pirate Gabby on board the Bonny Revenge. The Marquis de la Montalbon is a scurvy scum who keehauled me best friend and I will seek revenge!

    Too fun. xD

    1. Remorseless Pirate Gabby, I think you need to join forces with the Dread Commodore Cordy and the Remorseless Commodore Rachel and all hung down this de la Montalbon character together -- he's been keelhauling best friends left and right! He must be stopped!

  16. Oooho, I'd be Commander Cat who trawls the ocean wild on The Indefatigable Revenge. Beware Colonel Raymondo I'm leaving no wave unturned until I find the sister I never knew I had, you kidnapping scoundrel. Beware!

    1. Commander Cat, oh my! Colonel Raymondo kidnapped your sister before you were even born? It's high time you found and rescued her! Arrrrr!


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