Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Which Pirate is Which?

This be a harder game, and I'll be putting me comments on moderation so ye can't cheat off each other's answers.  

Here be the pictures of twelve (fairly) famous pirate characters from various pirate movies.  Ye be charged with matching a name to each of them.  To make this a wee bit less difficult, I've put name options at the bottom for ye to choose from.

Note that there be a couple instances of multiple pirates from the same film.

Ye get one point for each correct match, and if ye can name the movie they're appearing in, ye'll get a bonus point as well!  So there be twelve pirates, and twenty-four possible points.

Have at it!













Name Options:
  • Barbossa
  • Blackbeard
  • Davey Crandall
  • Henry Morgan
  • Hook
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Jamie Waring
  • Long John Silver
  • Macoco
  • Peter Blood
  • Roberts
  • Vallo

I'll post the answers at the end of the week, with your scores.  Don't forget to drop anchor at the main post for links to everyone's entries, and go enter the giveaway!


  1. 1. Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Jamie Waring, The Black Swan
    3. Peter Blood, Captain Blood
    4. Westley, The Princess Bride
    5. Blackbeard's Ghost, Blackbeard's Ghost (Ha)
    6. Captain Morgan, The Black Swan
    7. The Pirate (can't recall his name)
    8. Long John Silver, Treasure Island
    9. Captain Vallo, The Crimson Pirate
    10. Davey, Double Crossbones (he's so cute!)
    11. Barbosa, Pirates of the Caribbean
    12. Captain Hook, Hook

  2. I like this game a lot!

    1. Jack Sparrow. I'm guessing At World's End (2007), because I think I see sand in the background from when he's on the Black Pearl in the middle of nowhere.
    2. Jamie Waring?
    3. Peter Blood, Captain Blood (1935).
    4. Roberts, The Princess Bride (1987).
    5. Blackbeard?
    6. Henry Morgan, The Black Swan?
    7. This is where I'm grateful for giving us the names because going through the pictures the first time I thought he looked nice but I'd never seen him before. Of course I have! Macoco, The Pirate (1948).
    8. Long John Silver
    9. Davey Crandall?
    10. Vallo?
    11. Barbossa, Dead Man's Chest (2005).
    12. Hook, Hook (1991).

    I guessed for many of those, so I hope I'm right! Thanks!

  3. I don’t know half of these, but of all the portrayals of Captain Hook did you have to use Dustin Hoffman?? That man traumatized me as a child! I still have nightmares!

  4. And what if we can only name the actors?

    I don't know me my pirates, but I'm enjoying following pirate week ;)

    1. VT, if you can name the actors, I'll give you half a point for each you get right, how's that?

  5. Will try to name the actors AND their roles... Right, let's go on a piratey journey on the seven seas: 1. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) 2. Jamie Waring (oh, gorgeous Tyrone Power...) 3. Captain Peter Blood (equally gorgeous Errol Flynn, my first piratey love affair) 4. Roberts (Cary Elwes) 5. Blackbeard (Sir Peter Ustinov) 6. Henry Morgan (Laird Cregar, gone too soon, *sigh*) 7. Macoco (Gene Kelly) 8. Long John Silver (Robert Newton) 9. Vallo, yay!!! (wonderful Burt Lancaster!!) 10. Davey Crandall (Donald O'Connor) 11. Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) 12. Hook (Dustin Hoffman). THAT WAS FUN!!!!!

  6. Oooops, Pirate Andrea, be more attentive and read what Pirate Hamlette writes! THE MOVIES... Right. Here we go again. 1. Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Jamie Waring: The Black Swan 3. Peter Blood: Captain Blood 4. Roberts: The Princess Bride 5. Blackbeard: Blackbeard's Ghost 6. Henry Morgan: The Black Swan - again 7. Macoco: The Pirate 8. Long John Silver: Treasure Island 9. Vallo: The Crimson Pirate (oh, what a hoot...) 10. Davey Crandall: Double Crossbones 11. Barbossa: Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of the Black Pearl) 12. Hook: Hook (movie also called just "Hook"). Phew, need a hefty slug of rum now, if you'll excuse me...

  7. Need to bone up on my pirate movies, so I'm going to have an abysmal amount of question marks, but here goes:

    1) Jack Sparrow (still only seen the first quarter of the first movie, but I mean, Obviously xD)

    2) Actor - Tyrone Power

    3) Peter Blood

    4) the Dread Roberts

    5) guessing.... Blackbeard?

    6) ?

    7) ?

    8) Long John Silver?

    9) ?

    10) Davey Crandall :)

    11) ?

    12) Hook

    Thanks for the game!

  8. I only know a few of these.

    1. Jack Sparrow
    2. Peter Blood
    3. Davey Crandall
    4. Roberts
    5. Henry Morgan
    6. Blackbeard
    7. Vallo
    8. Long John Silver
    9. Macoco
    10. Jamie Waring
    11. Barbossa
    12. Hook

  9. This is hard. I named what I could before I got to your list of names, and the list didn't help me identify the ones I didn't know. Haha. So here's me try...
    1. CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow (because "there should be a 'captain' in there somewhere"
    2. Jamie Boy (Waring)
    3. Peter Blood?
    4. The Dread Pirate Roberts
    5. Blackbeard
    6. Morgan
    7. ?
    8. Long John Silver
    9. Vallo?
    10. ?
    11. Hector Barbossa
    12. Captain Hook

    *fingers now crossed*


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