Friday, March 01, 2019

Finishing Off my Winter 2018/2019 To-Do List

It's March 1.  Technically, it won't be Spring for real for like three weeks.  Oh well.  I'm as done with my winter to-do list as I'm going to get, and I'm ready to make a new one.

(I'm also ready for spring, but we're getting a wintry mix here right now, so... yeah... anyway...)

~ Read Old West Christmas Brides and Holiday Grind for the Literary Christmas Reading Link-Up  Check!  I had fun with both, but didn't love either.  Titles linked to my reviews.

~ Read 4 other books off my TBR shelves  Check!  I read Champagne for One by Rex Stout, Grateful American by Gary Sinise, Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions by Amy Stewart, and Five Poisoned Apples by Skye Hoffert, Jenelle Hovde, Cortney Manning, Maddie Morrow, and Rachael Wallen.

(From my Instagramming adventures)

~ Read 3 more books for my Classics Club list  Check!  I read The 100 Dresses by Eleanor Estes, The Four-Story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright, and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

~ Read 3 books from the library  Check!  I managed 5 books from the library:  I'd Rather be Reading by Anne Bogel, Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater, The Four-Story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright, Cloaked in Red by Vivian Vande Velde, and Life Beyond Measure by Sidney Poitier.

~ Get back into reviewing adult coloring books on my book blog  Check!  I posted about the Words of Wisdom coloring book of Shakespearean quotations.  I'd like to get back to doing at least one a season like that.

~ FINALLY see Elf (2003)  Check!  Here's what I thought of it.

~ Watch 6 movies from my TBW shelves  FAIL.  I watched three.  But watching things off my TBW shelves is becoming less of an imperitive now that I'm strictly limiting myself about buying unseen movies.  I'm going to reduce this target number in the future.  Anyway, the three I watched were Buck and the Preacher (1972), The Wild and the Dirty (aka Johnny Hamlet)(1968), and The Young Victoria (2009).

~ Go see It's a Wonderful Life (1946) on the big screen  Check!  I went to see it with my sister-in-law, and it was awesome!  So many details I didn't know existed!

~ Take my kids to see White Christmas (1954) on the big screen  Check!  TCM Fathom Events are basically the best thing ever, y'all.

~ Go see Little Women (1994) on the big screen  Check!  I went with lots of friends, and we had so much fun crying into our tea.

~ Go see Mary Poppins Returns (2018)  Fail.

~ Go see How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)  Check!  I went to see it twice in one weekend.  Here's what I thought of it.

~ Get together with some blogging pals  Check!  We went to a book fair and a farmer's market and had a marvelous time.

(I bought a lot of books...)

~ Finish my patchwork skirt in time to wear it to church on Christmas Eve  Fail.  I cut out the pieces, but not one stitch did I sew.  It will be for next year, I guess.

~ Make Chocolate-Mint Crack(le) again  Check!  And it was magically delicious.

~ Seriously dig into decluttering this house before I drown in all our stuff  Semi-check?  I feel like I'm making forward progress, but this week was really weird, so right now, it's all the most awful mess and I want to use a shovel on it.  Ugh.  So... this is a work-in-progress.

Here's hoping my spring will be as successful and rewarding as my winter!


  1. I think you will enjoy Mary Poppins Returns when you get a chance to see it; but I am not 100% sure. I very much loved it and thought it did a wonderful job bringing the world of the books to life.

    1. Jessica, I'm not sure either! Which is why I haven't seen it yet. I'm confident the library will get it, and I can watch it at home.

  2. Oh, that is so awesome that you saw those movies in the theater! That is so neat!

    1. MC, I know!!! Between TCM's Fathom Events and the new Alamo Drafthouse theater not too far away, my dream of seeing clssic films on the big screen is a reality at last. And I didn't even have to move to California. Enjoying it while I can!

  3. It sounds like this was a really fun to-do list for over the winter. Gee whiz, my to-do lists are always filled with the stuff I don't WANT to do. I like that in your quest to discover all things Shakespeare you've even covered "Johnny Hamlet". Last year I went through a nun-phase and by the tail end of that exploration I was actually tapping into Italian nunsploitation films - which I highly recommend staying clear of! But I was desperate for all things nunny.

    1. Metzingers, yeah, I have to-do lists that are less fun too. Like fixing couches or cleaning bathrooms. But those are not so fun to share ;-)

      Johnny Hamlet was super interesting! They made some retelling choices that I totally dug, and others that I raised a quizzical eyebrow at, but as spaghetti westerns go, it was very watchable :-)

      But yes, I suspect Italian nunsploitation would not be my thing...

  4. Ahhhh, that picture from the blogging pals meet-up! :D <3

    Ooh, I think I've seen Buck and the Preacher. Is that the Sidney Poitier Western? Also, what did you think of The Young Victoria?

    Watching Little Women '94 with friends on the big screen sounds wonderful!

    1. Olivia, I know! Which reminds me... was it YOU I was supposed to email pics from that to? I totally forgot about that until now! Oops.

      Yes, Buck and the Preacher is the Sidney Poitier western about the Exodusters. I want to rewatch it and review it here -- it's one of the better 1970s westerns I've seen.

      I really liked The Young Victoria! I want to watch it with Cowboy because it's full of political machinations, and he digs that sort of thing.

      Watching LW94 with friends anywhere is wonderful, but the big screen made it extra special :-) I wish you lived closer!!! Maybe if something superduperdelooper awesome comes to the big screen here again, we can arrange a meet-up around it. Kara came out for one last summer, and it was so much fun.

  5. Wow, you did a lot! I really need to read more.


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