Monday, March 04, 2019

Things To Do in Spring of 2019

Here are the things I'd like to get done by the end of May!

~ Finish the first draft of my western Snow White retelling, tentatively titled Seven Orphans

~ Read 3 titles from my Classics Club list

~ Read 6 books off my TBR shelves

(As seen on my Instagram feed)

~ Read 3 books from the library

~ Watch 3 movies off my TBW shelves

~ Co-host a blogathon dedicated to Vic Morrow -- details here!

~ Go see Captain Marvel

~ Go see Ben-Hur (1959) on the big screen thanks to TCM Fathom Events, thereby fulfilling one of my longest-held movie-watching goals

~ Survive seeing Avengers: Endgame

~ Go see Aladdin

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~ Design a new author website

~ Clean up the horrible mess in my crafting corner. Why do I let it get this bad?  It's like if I don't clean it up every couple months, it just devolves into chaos.  Feh.  My room didn't look this bad when I was a teen!  Planning to get rid of at least half this stuff in my effort to rid our lives of stuff we're keeping around "just because."

Okay, that's enough.  How about you?  Got some goals or tasks you want to accomplish this spring?


  1. I'm seeing Captain Marvel on Friday!!!! I can't wait!!!! :D :D

    Also . . . yeah. Endgame is going to be an Experience. *bites nails in trepidation*

    Yay, I am so excited to read Seven Orphans when it's done!!!

    1. Jessica, I'm seeing it Saturday!

      I keep feeling like I'm going to need to put on some kind of armor for Endgame. Eeeeeee.

      I'm only two chapters into Seven Orphans so far, but first drafts tend to take me about 3 months, so here's hoping!

    2. And we can compare notes afterward! :D

      You'll get there!!! <3

  2. I have about a dozen blogathon pieces to write between now and the start of summer. And if I have time, I might eat a meal or two... :-D

  3. Good goals! I need to make myself a to do list.


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