Friday, November 30, 2018

Autumn 2018 To-Do List Wrap-Up

Tomorrow is December 1st.  Time to pull the plug on my autumnal to-do list :-)  Let's see how I did!

~ Read Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge Check!  My review is here.

~ Read 5 other books from my TBR shelves Check!  I read SEVEN others off my TBR shelves:

~ Read 3 books for my Classics Club list Check!  I read four:

~ Read 3 books from the library Check!  I read five:

A Song Unheard by Roseanna M. White
Wonder by R. J. Palacio
The Bronte Sisters by Catherine Reef
Night School by Lee Child
Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy

~ Watch 5 movies from my TBW shelves Check!  I watched Rough Magic (1995), Spaceballs (1987), The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016), Red Mountain (1951), and I finished season 2 of Leverage (2009-2010).  Yes, the last is not a movie, but it takes up space on my TBW shelves, so it counts.  Of those, I liked Winter's War, Red Mountain, and Leverage enough to keep.

~ Go see the 2011 Jane Eyre with a bunch of friends Check!  It was super fun :-)  We have a new theater not too far away that holds these "afternoon tea" events once a month -- basically, they show a period drama and feed you tea and treats that are themed around the movie.  I've been to three of them now, and I am firmly addicted.

~ Go see Crazy Rich Asians Check!  It was amusing, but I didn't love it.

~ Go see First Man Fail :-(

~ Go see Bad Times at the El Royale Fail :-(  I went to visit my parents right when both this and First Man came out, and I flew over two different weekends, which meant I couldn't see movies on those weekends, and I totally missed them.  I'm so bummed.

~ Go see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Check!  You can read my initial thoughts on it here.

~ Get together with some blogging friends again, somewhere, somehow Fail.  Maybe after Christmas.

~ Make copycat Frankenmouth hot buttered noodles Check!  We made them for an Oktoberfest gathering we hosted back at the end of September (yeah, I know -- but it's totally a thing.  You celebrate Oktoberfest in September if you're good Germans, and I'm half a good German, so hey), and they were FABULOUS.

~ Make apple crisp muffins Fail :-(  I did print the recipe out, but that's it.

~ Take our kids camping in the Shenandoah Valley Check!  And we all survived.  No one got eaten by a bear.  I did mess my knee up again, though.  Grr.

~ Order photos Fail :-(

~ Start writing the first draft of my next book Check!  I'm more than a chapter in, and I love it.  I don't have a good title for it yet, but it's a retelling of Snow White set in the 1870s during a wagon train.

~ Run down to Colonial Williamsburg at least once  CHECK!  I went THREE TIMES!  It was basically the perfect autumn.

All in all, it was a charming autumn.  I'm particularly pleased that I got so much reading done, because it was also a busy season.  But I did NOT let my reading fall by the wayside! 

I'll post my winter goals soon.  How was your autumn?

(All pictures taken by me.  Many got posted on my Instagram account.)


  1. I'm inspired by all the reading you got done! I'm finally reading for fun (mostly) again thanks to my youngest going to bed at reasonable time (knock on wood). I'm determined to keep it up! I look forward to seeing your winter to-dos!

    1. Ashley, yeah... I really started writing more again once my 3rd kid was about 2 and going to bed regularly and reliably. So I know how that goes. I'm happy you've got some fun reading time again!

  2. Man, I didn't nearly get enough reading in. You did an awesome job!

    1. MC, one thing that helps is my hubby bought me an exercise bike and rigged up a rack to hold books on it so I can read and bike. I've been exercising a lot more regularly as a result... and getting 20 minutes of reading in three nights a week! Hoping to increase that to 4 nights soon.

  3. I want to start making to do list like this! They look like fun.

    1. Skye, do it! I find that posting it on my blog helps me feel like I'm accountable to someone besides me, but I make zillions of week-to-week private lists too. Lists are very necessary for me, I've found.

  4. What a lot accomplished. How fun to be able to go Williamsburg so easily.

    "No one got eaten by a bear" haha, definitely an important success measure.

    1. Thanks, Livia! Yeah, I'm sooooo grateful that we're blessed to just live a couple hours from Williamsburg AND that my kids are old enough to ride down there semi-regularly.

      It's always a good camping trip when no one gets eaten, right?

  5. I do love seeing how much you get accomplished. These posts are always very fun to read. Someday I have to force myself to try something like this, just so I can see what I did later, but as my goals change day to day, I don't think I'd know what to put on the list.

    1. DKoren, maybe it would work better for you to keep a reading/watching log? I've started doing that -- just a monthly list of what I read and watched each month. I love it -- planning to share it here at the end of the year. For you, that would be a way to look back and what you've done without having to set specific goals.

  6. Wow!!! Look at all those books and movies you completed . . . great job!!

    1. Jessica, yes, I'm very pleased! Helped that I took two full months off from writing, heh.


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