Thursday, November 01, 2018

Announcing the Robots in Film Blogathon!

Oh yes, you read that correctly.  Quiggy of The Midnite Drive-In and I are co-hosting another blogathon, this time one dedicated to robots!  Robots in movies, robots on TV -- if they're robots and they were filmed, they're fair game.

As usual, I have gone quite mad with the blogathon buttons.  I wanted there to be plenty for you to choose from!

As you can tell from the buttons, this blogathon will run January 25-27, 2019.  You can sign up on this post, or over at The Midnite Drive-In.  Either one will work!

Because there are SO MANY robots in movies and TV shows, we're demanding that there be no duplicate entries.  However!  It's totally fine with us if one person wants to do an overview of a series that has robots, like a Star Trek series or a film franchise, and then another person wants to do a more focused post on one particular show or film, or even on one specific robot.

If you need ideas for what to write about, I hope these buttons will give you some.  I really had so much fun making them and had to finally stop myself and say, "Nine is more than enough, Hamlette.  Four would probably have been sufficient."  Um, yeah.

Anyway, please join us in celebrating all the creative, imaginative ways robots have been portrayed on film over the years!

Together, we can make this one of the very best, biggest, boldest blogathons yet.  And if we don't, well, we can always take a page from Marvin's book and lie facedown in the dirt.  It's a very effective way of being wretched, you know.

Below is the official roster!  Comment here or on Quiggy's post, and we'll add you to it.  PLEASE give us a link to your blog so we can include that in our roster.  Thanks!

The List

+ The Midnite Drive-In -- Overview of Twilight Zone robots AND review of anime Ghost in the Shell (1995)
+ Hamlette's Soliloquy -- Review of I, Robot (2004)
+ Angelman's Place -- Robots in the original Star Wars trilogy
+ Coffee, Classics, and Craziness -- Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
+ Sidewalk Crossings -- Wall-E (2008) and Silent Running (1971)
+ Caftan Woman -- Hymie in "Anatomy of a Lover" from Get Smart
+ Movies Meet Their Match -- Robots (2005)
+ Reel Weegie Midget Reviews -- Ex Machina (2015)
+ It Came from the Man Cave -- Interstellar (2014)
+ Silver Screen Classics -- The Invisible Boy (1957)
+ In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood -- Bicentennial Man (1999)
+ Taking Up Room -- Short Circuit (1986)
+ Movierob -- Real Steel (2011), Battlestar Gallactica miniseries (2003), and CHOMPS (1979)
+ John V's Eclectic Avenue -- The Questor Tapes (1974)
+ Speakeasy -- Chopping Mall (1986)
+ Moon in Gemini -- Lost in Space (2018)
+ The Stop Button -- Icarus XB 1 (1963)
+ Critica Retro -- Tales of Hoffman (1916)
+ Imagination's Edge -- Optimus Prime and the Transformers from the films (2007-2018)


  1. If this blogathon isn't a success we can always blame it on a glitch in the CPU... :-D Or a computer virus.

  2. I think this is a wonderful blogathon idea and jumped into the fray over at the Drive-In requesting a spot to write about Hymie on Get Smart, the episode Anatomy of a Lover.

    1. Thanks for joining us, Caftan Woman! I"m adding you to the roster. Hymie is such fun :-)

  3. Yes! This sounds great. I would like to claim my childhood favorite Robots (2005).
    The Blog: Movies Meet Their Match
    The link:

    Also, I am really liking the buttons! :-D

    1. MC, yay! Adding you to the list. Glad you like the buttons!

  4. Decided on my other review, can you add me for Terminator 2 (1991)?

  5. Hi, (left a comment before but don't think it went through) sign me up for a post on Chopping Mall (1986), please and thank you! my blog is Speakeasy

    1. Hi, Kristina! Nope, didn't see an earlier comment, but this one came through fine :-) You're all signed up!

  6. Hi there, just to say will only add a post on Ex Machina for this blogathon, hope all well where you are. Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews

    1. Gill, thanks for the update! All well here -- how you?

  7. I would love to participate in this! Could I claim Optimus Prime and the transformers from the Transformers movies (2007- present)?
    My blog is Imagination's Edge.
    Thank you! Love the buttons!

    1. Thunderbird Queen, sure thing! Nice to see that popular series represented here. I'm putting you on the list right now.

      And thanks! I had a lot of fun making those.

  8. I've only just found this post, and very much enjoyed the piece about Gort. I love robots in film! My first memory of a robot is robbie the robot in Irwin Allen's Lost in Space, which I would watch after school (showing my age here, LOL) - and enjoy and cringe at the same time. I'm struggling to recall other robots on film/tv of the time, but another favourite is Marvin the Paranoid Android from 'The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. More recently, Sunny in 'I, Robot' is one of my favourites. And I can't not mention Cyril the FarmBot, one of the characters in my story, 'Minding Mama'.... ;-) . I think we have an innate fascination with robots - they (sometimes) look like us, and (sometimes) behave like us...but they are not us. They are often portrayed as humans without emotion, powered by cold, hard logic and possessing incredible strength. One of my dayjob colleagues admitted to me that they "can't watch anything with robots in it" because they find them terrifying. With the late Professor Stephen Hawking warning against the continued development of AI -artificial intelligence- as something humanity should Avoid At All Costs, I do sometimes wonder if my colleague has the right idea!

    1. Hi, EJ! Thanks for dropping by! You're right -- there are so many amazing robots to choose from. You've listed off several of my favorites as well.

      And, as I said in the review of I, Robot I did for this event, I refuse to have any robots in my house that can turn themselves on and off. Tooooo creepy.

  9. PS is this blogathon still going?


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