Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Legend of Zorro rocks! It's a smidge less magnificent than The Mask of Zorro, but only a smidge. Really, the only thing it was missing was a fiery dance between Alejandro and Elena. And on the plus side, their little kid, Joaquin, is adorable!

Hey, didja notice that when they got married, Alejandro took Elena's last name? Yup, they're the de la Vega family! Guess you can't have anyone wearing the mask and cape but a de la Vega. It would just be wrong, you know?

Had the theater to myself again. Hooray! I could giggle and hurrah and boo to my heart's content. There were so many good lines, too, but of course I can't remember any of them now. Guess I'll just have to see it again, right?

All in all, I liked it nearly as well as the original. I'll definitely be adding it to my collection!

Oh, and speaking of people named 'Joaquin', I got to see a preview for Walk the Line, the movie about Johnny Cash that stars Joaquin Phoenix. Gonna make an admission here: I'm something of a Johnny Cash fan. Not a huge fan that collects his cds, but I like his voice, I liked his guest spots on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and...I think he's kinda sexy. And well, we all know how smokin' Joaquin Phoenix is...I'm definitely gonna hafta see that movie. He did his own singing for it, like Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea, but I think JP sounds a lot more like Johnny Cash than KS sounded like Bobby. I do remember a quotation from the preview for Walk the Line: somebody asked Johnny Cash why he's wearing all black, and said he looked stupid, like he was going to a funeral. Johnny said, "Maybe I am." It was just coooooooool.

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