Thursday, November 17, 2005

I killed one of my four main characters tonight. I've known it was coming since I first envisioned this story. In fact, when I rewrite it, I think I'll start here. It's really the pivitol point in the other characters' lives, and the part of the story that really interests me is the aftermath of this death, not the stuff that leads up to it.

It was tough to write. I didn't think it would be, because in the piece of Combat! fanfic that I just finished a rough draft of, I killed off four characters in much messier ways, and I thought that would be good practice for me, get me all hardened up. Nope. Never gets any easier to kill off a character I like. Killing characters I loathe and despise, on the other hand, is loads of fun.

My wordcount is 42,098...only 7,902 words left to go.

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