Saturday, November 19, 2005

Everyone join me in a Dance of Joy! I've finished NaNoWriMo!!!!!!! I passed 50,000 words tonight, can you believe it?

And the novel's only about half done. Oh goody. And after I get the rough draft out, then I can edit it. Oh rapture.

But back to the Dance of Joy. Numfar couldn't make it, so I've got the Beatles here instead. Come on, join us! I did it!



    Congratulations on kicking complete ass and nabbing your word count in such an amazingly short time! You'll have the rest of your novel knocked out in no time at all, provided certain other characters don't come jauntily (it is a perfect description!) barging back in with adorable grins going "does that mean its my turn now?"

    Dance of Joy, Dance of Joy... why can't I ever remember that?

  2. Guess who hauled his jaunty self back from his NYC trip and re-perched himself on that desk he found? It's okay though--turns out he just wants a change of scenery. I sent him to Mexico. LH promised to keep him away longer this time.

    By the time I get to their story, DA and LH will probably be so perpetually hung over, they'll be no use to me. Oh well. I'll send them to the showers (now there's an image to send you into orbit for a few!)

  3. I never made it to the showers... got stuck on Mexico and palm-tree shaded beaches and hot sun and swimming trunks and not much else and...

    And, how odd, but you just made me realize my last three novels (including DTD) are set in autumn going fast on winter. What's up with that? Everyone's bundled in jackets and hats and hideous fur coats and there's nothing but rain and snow and cold cold cold. I appear to have something against the warmth of summer and the green of spring. Guess I'll have to remedy that someday.


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