Friday, November 18, 2005

Holy cabooses! I only have 2,201 words left to write to get to 50K! I could very possibly hit my goal tomorrow night!

And guess favorite character just now arrived. Rather Boromir-like of him to wait this long to show up, wouldn't you say? Silly boy. Of course, if I eventually rewrite it starting with that other character's death, then this darling boy will show up in chapter 5, not chapter 15. But mustn't think much about rewriting yet, must concentrate on initial draft.

Good thing I'm done with my writing for the night, cuz now I'm all distracted with thoughts of Boromir.


  1. 2201 left??? What's that dance again? The one you'll be doing tonight when you hit 50k? I know it's simple but I think my mind has a permanent block on it!

    Good thing I'm not in a Sean Bean mode, or your Boromir references of late might have sent me off into the wrong novel world! Hee!

  2. The Dance of Joy! Not to be confused with the Dance of Welcome, of course :-D I've already summoned Numfar to the Rejoicing Ceremony :-D

    Mmmmmmm, Sean Bean. That's all I have to say about that :-D


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