Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm one-fifth of the way to my goal! I hit 10,781 words today. Wowie zowie, huh?

In non-nano-news, I watched Play Misty for Me on one of my days off this week. Which is a 70's movie starring Clint Eastwood, for anyone still living in a bomb shelter. Anyway, you know how I have always thought that Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine looks a lot like Clint Eastwood? I am now convinced that the people doing his hair and makeup for the X-Men movies are trying to deliberately make him look like Eastwood. Because Eastwood in Play Misty for Me looks unbeliveably like Jackman in X-Men and X2. This is the best I can do by way of comparison shots of the two of them...I'm having a really hard time finding photos of Clint from that movie for some reason...and this isn't a terribly good comparison, but maybe you can kind of get the idea.


  1. Dang, they do look alike! I would not have thought that, but it's obvious in the pictures you posted. I like "Play Misty for Me" ... very cool, creepy movie.

    And 1/5 done in less than five days... awesome! You WILL meet your deadline easily at this rate!

  2. You can't even seen the real similarities on these pics very well, because it's mostly their noses that makes me connect the two of them. They both have these longish, pointed noses with slender nostrils...there are just these moments in the X-Men movies when Hugh does a sort of sideways glance toward the camera that always makes me go "Wah! It's Clint Eastwood!"

    Also, at the end of X2, Wolverine wears this truly hideous greyish-greenish funky patterend 70's shirt, and in Misty, Clint wears one almost exactly like it!


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