Sunday, April 25, 2021

"Would You Rather" Tag for Epic Story Month!

I am participating in the Epic Story Month event hosted by Heidi at Along the Brandywine, and I have finally had a few minutes to devote to answering the official tag!

Would you rather... 

1) …fight a dragon or a giant? 

I rather think I'd pick the giant because giants can't fly and don't breathe fire.  I think my chances of survival go way up because of those two factors.  Besides, the odds of me being accompanied by Ewan McGregor in weird armor and funny hair go WAY up if I'm fighting giants.

2) …time travel back to ancient Egypt or go to Mars? 

Ancient Egypt!  Oh my goodness, I was so obsessed with Eyptology when I was in my tweens.  I had half a semester in college on the history of ancient Egypt too, and it was so fascinating. 

3) …explore a deep dark cave or a long lost, underwater city?

Another easy one for me to answer.  I have always longed to go SCUBA diving and explore underwater shipwrecks and so on.  An underwater city would be just as exciting, I think!  This is another long-time obsession -- when I was seven, we went to Disneyland, and I only remember two rides we went on.  One was It's a Small World, which was much more geared toward my little brother, and one was their Submarine Voyage, which I guess no longer exists.  I loved it, and have been really fascinated by SCUBA diving and submarines ever since.  

And, yes, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) is one of my favorite classic Disney movies :-)  I just showed it to my kids for the first time a couple weeks ago, and they thought it was lots of fun.  They also pointed out that the Nautilus appears to have a smiley face on one side, as shown above!

4) …be a court jester or lead a wagon train? 

Oh, a wagon train!  A wagon train!  I am no good at making funny jokes or doing tricks, and I hate being the center of attention, but I am capable of being bossy and making decisions, no problem.  Plus, having written a whole book that takes place on a wagon train, I feel like I'd at least have some chance of leading one well.

5) …eat a meal with hobbits or Master Tumnus? 

The hobbits.  Any hobbits.  Well, maybe not Ted Sandyman.  But any other hobbits, absolutely.  Hobbits know how to eat well!

6) …walk through an enchanted mirror or jump into a pool leading into another world? 

Um, do I know where either of those lead?  It doesn't make much difference either way if they're both going somewhere unknown.  I suppose the pool holds slightly more appeal, just because I like to swim.

7) …live in a castle or a house in the treetops? 

Well, when I was a young teen, I used to daydream that *I* got to marry Fritz (James MacArthur) from The Swiss Family Robinson (1960) and live happily ever after with him in our own tree house on the family's island, so I'm definitely going with the house in the treetops.

8) …go over a waterfall in a barrel or climb Mt. Everest? 

I'll take the mountain.  I like snow.

9) …ride a buffalo or be a cannoneer in a sea battle? 

Are we talking an American Bison or a Cape Buffalo?  Because I hear that cape buffalo are the most dangerous animals on earth, so I'm not going near them, thanks.  And all in all, I think I'd take the sea battle because I do like naval warfare stories.

10) Bonus question: you’re caught by the Bad Guys and tied up to a chair when a fire erupts at your feet (long story ;)). Do you break the ropes and tumble out the window, yell for help, or hop your chair across the room to take refuge in the cold fireplace/chimney corner?

It all depends on if I'm tied back-to-back with Henry Jones Jr. or Henry Jones Sr.  I think I'd have more luck with the chair-hopping or the rope-breaking if I had Jr.  If it's Sr., I'll yell for help and hope for the best, I guess.

That was such fun, Heidi! :-D


  1. Fun answers!

    The "court jester or wagon train leader" question had me thinking, because I'm pretty sure I'd be bad at both, but MAYBE a little better at court jester. Because I can think of witty things to say on the spot ... occasionally ... sometimes xD On the other hand, I'm terrible at bossing people around or solving pragmatic, survival-type problems! So I'd probably last longer as a jester. By, like, two days. ;)

    1. Thanks, Katie! Some of these were fairly tough. Especially #9, for me.

  2. We have a lot of the same answers. =) So fun!

    1. Eva, I bet we do! I'm looking forward to a much calmer week this week, which should give me a chance to read a lot of blog posts I've missed lately :-D

  3. Glad someone else appreciated Ewan in that movie. He was hilarious! Great choices!

    1. Skye, oh my goodness, yes! First, the whole movie is such a fun romp, but Ewan! His character was completely convinced he was the hero, and it was sooooo funny.

  4. So now I want to see Jack The Giant Slayer, haha.

    I need to do this tag when I have time to think. What fun.

    1. Livia, the trick to Jack the Giant Slayer is to not take it seriously, because nobody making it is taking it seriously. It is extremely funny when you do that.

  5. I haven't seen Jack the Giant Slayer in so long! Need to rewatch it now! And you watched 20,000 without telling me?

    I would not choose the cannoneer position. Reading the Hornblower books made me realize how much I never want to be in a sea battle in wooden ships with cannons... those descriptions of giant splinters of wood and the damage they do to people... just... nope! LOL! Very fun to read your answers to these!

    1. DKoren, me either! Me too!

      I guess that was a conversation I was just practicing with you? Maybe it was my bro I was telling about showing the kids 20,000? Cowboy read them an abridged version for bedtime books earlier this month, and so then we watched the movie, and they had a lot of fun with it :-D I DID mention to them that you really love it and wanted to be a submariner...

  6. The idea of marrying Fritz from Swiss Family Robinson is definitely on my mind every time I watch that movie...

  7. This is such a cool tag! I loved reading your answers.
    Ok, now I'm curious about Jack the Giant Slayer.
    Walking into a pool instead of a mirror just seems prettier. I'm not really sure why.

    1. McKayla, it's a fun one! Jack the Giant Slayer is a jolly movie. Never takes itself seriously, but is just here to have a good time. I quite enjoy movies like that.


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