Monday, January 18, 2021

A Sunshine Blogger Award for the New Year

Cordy has awarded me the Sunshine Blogger Award on her blog, Any Merry Little Thought.  Thanks, friend!

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules  

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog. 
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. 
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. 
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog. 

Cordy's Questions

What is your favorite color of ink to write with?  Blue.  I go through a pack of blue pens every year or two.

What is a book on your to-read shelf that you secretly know you'll never get to? Well, I don't have a good answer for this because I spent a lot of time over the past year culling books from my TBR shelves that I've realized I just don't want to read as much as I thought I did.  I've gotten them down to where all the books on it are ones I definitely expect to read.  Like these:

(All pictures are mine from my IG account.)

What's a movie you've discovered that everyone but you likes? Maybe not everyone, but I'm not a big fan of Vertigo (1958), and many people are.

Do you prefer your hair to be long or short? Long.  I've never had it short.

What is a book you wish more people knew about? More people need to read Charity Bishop's Tudor Throne series!  They're so much fun, and I've learned a lot of British history from them.

Who is a fictional character that you relate to? I see a lot of myself in Lucy (Sandra Bullock) in While You Were Sleeping (1995).

Would you rather play a main character or be a stunt double in a movie? I'd rather play the main character because I'm klutzy and would probably die doing a stunt.

Depending on your answer to the last question, what movie would you choose to act/stunt in? Hmm. How about a movie version of The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim, where I get to play Lottie Wilkins?  Let's film it on location so I can really visit a crumbling villa in Italy.

What instrument would you play if you could? Hmm.  I think it would be fun to learn to play the bagpipes.

If your life had background music, what would be your theme song? In college, my friends picked out "Windy" by The Association as my theme song, and that's stuck pretty well all my life.

What's one of your favorite fictional couples? I love Valancy and Barney in The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery.

My Questions

  1. Fantasy or sci-fi?
  2. Tragedy or comedy?
  3. Fiction or nonfiction?
  4. Snow or rain?
  5. Orange juice or apple juice?
  6. Christmas or Easter?
  7. Middle-earth or Narnia?
  8. Marvel or DC?
  9. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  10. Old movies or new movies?
  11. Old books or new books?

My Nominees:

Play if you want to!


  1. Going to do these questions here just because the fancy has struck me:

    Fantasy or sci-fi? Usually fantasy.
    Tragedy or comedy? Definitely comedy, I've discovered I just don't like tragedies per se. I can read a story that's on the grim or realistic side as long as it has a decently happy ending, but that wouldn't count as a tragedy.
    Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction! I had quite enough of nonfiction whilst doing my master's. xD
    Snow or rain? Rain. It's easier to drive in.
    Orange juice or apple juice? Orange juice!
    Christmas or Easter? Christmas!
    Middle-earth or Narnia? NARNIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Marvel or DC? Marvel, absolutely.
    Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars for sure.
    Old movies or new movies? New movies!
    Old books or new books? USUALLY new books. There are certain old-fashioned stories or classics that I've really loved, but I seem to more //reliably// enjoy new, recently-published stories. Especially modern YA, which is my real jam.

    1. Katie, fun answers! Some of those, I knew, but some, not so much ;-)

  2. Hard pass on blue pens lol. I don’t like Vertigo either!

    1. Phyl, I will take the blue pens and you can have the black ones that wander my way, will that work?

      Nice to know I'm not the only Vertigo non-fan around here!

    2. Sounds good ;)

      Just finished watching Flaming Star. Very good!

    3. Phyl, oh, I'm so glad you liked it! When I was a little kid, I loved to listen to my parents' LP of Elvis's Christmas Album, and look at all the other albums of his that were shown on the back. One of them was his album for Flaming Star, and I got a little obsessed with it because he was wearing a cowboy hat. It wasn't until I was in my late 20s that I finally got to see the movie itself, and I was so excited that it was actually good, after spending most of my life wishing I could watch it!

  3. Ooh fun, thank you for the tag!

    And I think I need to read The Enchanted April and Tudor Throne series.

    1. You're welcome, Heidi!

      Yes, I rather think you do. Did you like A Room with a View? To me, The Enchanted April felt like that crossed with a smidge of The Blue Castle. I suspect you would love it. You might like the Tudor Throne series too!

  4. Valancy and Barney. <3 I keep saying this, but I REALLY need to reread that one...

    Thank you for the tag! I can't wait to do it!

    1. Samantha, it's one of those books that improves upon rereading, so go for it!

      You're welcome :-) Have fun!

  5. I didn't like Vertigo either! It started out pretty good but got to levels of weird I wasn't ready for. XD

    Thank you for the tag!

    1. Marian, that is exactly how I feel. Even the presence of dear Jimmy Stewart couldn't save it for me.

  6. I love your answer about the stunt double! Valancy and Barney are so sweet and bagpipes would be awesome!
    Thanks so much for tagging us!

    1. Thanks, Grace! It's very true. Hope you have fun with it!

  7. A relatively new series on my blog is "Movies Everybody Loves That I Hate." "Vertigo" is on the list, of upcoming installments...and it isn't the first Jimmy Stewart flick on the list.

    1. J-Dub, sometimes even the presence of an actor I love can't save a movie for me. That sounds like a fun series!

  8. Blue pens are so fun to write with. Purple is my favorite color to write with, but blue is a close second.
    VALANCY AND BARNEY! *squeals* I love them, eek!
    Ooh, I love your questions. May I steal this tag?

    1. McKayla, I love purple pens for fun things like writing letters!

      Mmm, Valancy and Barney are just the best, aren't they?

      You may 100% do this tag! Have fun with it ;-)

  9. I always write in pencil, but On the rare occasion that I use a pen I prefer blue. It just makes me happy to see my favorite color!

    1. I love the way a pen feels, traveling across paper. And blue is a favorite of mine too, so that's part of why I like them!

  10. Great answers! I like blue pens too.

    1. Aww, thanks, Skye! Blue pens are just so... authoritative, but not boring?

  11. Loved your answers!
    I'm so glad I found another person who is not a Vertigo fan. Not my cup of tea, at all!!
    Ohh, dear Lucy! I love her, and that movie! <3
    Bagpipes, GREAT answers!! I approve!!
    And I loved Windy!!

    1. Thanks, Cordy! It seems, from the comments here, that I am not so alone in my distaste for Vertigo as I thought. Which is nice.

      Glad you got a kick out of this :-)

  12. Thanks for nominating Anna and me! Those are some great questions. I am now convinced to read The Blue Castle. I've heard a lot about it and it has a magical name.

    1. You're welcome, Irene!

      And YAY!!! I hope you can read The Blue Castle soon, because it is such a quirky delight.

  13. I'm looking forward to it!
    I just finished the tag on the blog. Thanks again :D


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