Saturday, July 28, 2018

"Mission: Impossible: Fallout" (2018) -- Initial Thoughts

Okay, so that was an incredibly stressful movie.  Eventually.  Not at first!  At first, it was quite fun.  Fun and bouncy and lots of little "haha, got you!" moments where they trick people with their masks and their tech and so on.  

Spoilage marked!

(SPOILER) All the scenes in the trailer, where it looks like Henry Cavill's throwing Tom Cruise thru walls and stuff?  Totally not.  Henry and Tom are working together to fight other people.  But then it all twists, and Henry's actually the bad guy, but he's convinced the CIA that Tom's the bad guy, and everybody's after him except Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames (END SPOILER), and it's all kinds of cat-and-mouse chases, which were fun, except there were a LOT of chase scenes.  

Oh, but there was one chase scene that busted me up because it HAS to be a nod to The Man from UNCLE (2015) -- Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in a truck that they drive full-speed through an increasingly narrow alley until it gets stuck.  And since Tom was originally cast to play Napoleon Solo, but then Henry ended up stepping into the role because of M:I Rogue Nation going over its shooting schedule or whatever, and so it was really fun while Henry and Tom were working together (but never getting along) because of UNCLE thoughts.

And they wound Tom Cruise up and let him start running, and I think he ran for like 10 minutes.  Just ran and ran and ran and ran and ran.  Because he's Tom Cruise.  It's what he does.

Anyway, the ending was horribly tense, with him hanging off this helicopter and I have nightmares like that where I'm hanging off something and I lose my grip, and that's what happens to him, so I had to remind myself it was just a movie, he was going to be fine.  And if I have to do that, then it's too tense, because I have to purposely remove myself from the movie, and that's just annoying.  Then he and Henry were fighting at the edge of this cliff, and you know they're going to go over the cliff, and I was like, "JUST FALL ALREADY AND GET IT OVER WITH!" and then they did, and I was like, "It's just a movie, it's just a movie, nobody actually fell over that cliff," because that's my real-life fear, watching people fall off cliffs.

And so yeah, it was really tense and maybe I'll watch it again on DVD, but maybe not because I think that jumping jacks and bike rides are safer ways to get in my cardio workout than jacking up on that much adrenaline and terror.

(SPOILER) Also, they killed Alec Baldwin and I'm ANGRY.  (END SPOILER)

But Rebecca Ferguson was gorgeous and tough and I loved her.  

And Simon Pegg was funny, and Ving Rhames was loveable, and so that made me happy.

And I sat next to this lovely lady who was probably in her 70s, and she just got the biggest kick out of this movie.  It was like sitting next to my dad -- she totally reacted to stuff the way he does.  She was having the time of her life, and I should've like asked her to be my friend or something because she must be a barrel of fun to hang out with.  When it was done, she was all, "Whoooeee, that was a wild ride!" and I wanted to hug her, hee.

So, those are my initial thoughts.  Which were originally my email to DKoren when I got home from the movie, and I said all I had to say about the movie in that email, so I figured, why write it up twice?  And just shared it with you, with spoilaged marked :-)

Is this movie family friendly?  Contains the F-word and some other bad language.  LOTS of non-gory violence of the punching and stabbing and shooting sort.  One scene that involves strangulation and is hard to watch.  No innuendo or smutty scenes.


  1. We saw it today! Dad decided we needed some time off to kick back and forget everything for awhile. This movie definitely did that! It was lots of action and good for our purpose. My fave parts were the helicopter scene and the running chase scene.

    1. Mom, so fun! I really liked the whole first part before Henry Cavill turned out to be the bad guy, where they were working together semi-unwillingly. I like begrudging-buddy stories, I guess ;-)

  2. So I actually saw this one! With my brothers, in a super-fancy New Orleans theater at 10pm. An interesting experience, for sure. ;-)

    I'll be honest, I didn't reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy enjoy it. I think that is partly because I've never seen Mission Impossible movie before, at all. So I had NO idea who was who or what they were doing or what they wanted . . . lol!

    I also felt like there wasn't much romantic chemistry between Tom Cruise and either of the two women he was supposed to be interested in, so that rather disappointed me :-P I mean, you're probably not SUPPOSED to watch Mission Impossible for romance, but that's what I'm personally interested in ;-)

    1. Aha! Yeah... possibly not the best entryway into the series. There's not a lot of romance in most of the M:I movies; they're not James Bond movies, after all. Which I like about them! So definitely a personal taste sort of thing.

      How nifty that you got to see it in a super-fance NO theater!

    2. Right! Whereas I LIKE romance, a lot more than I like action-y stuff and spy stuff ;-)

      Yes! It was quite the adventure! The entire trip was a grand adventure, I'm really glad we got to go!

    3. Jessica, yup. Different tastes make a big difference for a movie like this!

  3. I FINALLY got to see this today, because I was prioritizing seeing a host of other things first, like Christopher Robin. That, and watching Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation (I'd seen the first two ages ago, and the third was taking too long to arrive from the library for my impatient self. *grin*).

    And...I loved it. I was remarkably tense the whole time. Or "concerned," as the boy in The Princess Bride would say. I feel like most high-stakes in movies feel unreal to me - you know things are going to wrap up nicely. But I didn't necessarily feel like everything would end happily here (though I'm mostly pleased). And now that I know how it ends, I want to see it again so I can be a little less tense next time. ;-)

    1. Claire, that's exactly the perfect way to put it! I was "concerned" in that same TPB way through the whole thing. This series as a whole is so rewatchable, isn't it? The only one I don't care for much at all is #2.


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