Monday, September 25, 2017

Advance Praise for "Cloaked"

Cloaked won't be released until this weekend (and I have something fun planned for a release party, so stay tuned for that), but reviews are popping up on Goodreads from some advance readers, and I want to share some of them with you over the course of this week.

The Kindle version is available for pre-order right now, and the paperback will be in a few days (just waiting on Amazon to post it, at this point).


  1. :-) :-) :-)

    I can't wait to order my copy!!!

  2. Congrats, Rachel. Wishing you all the best with this new novella launch - and yay for some great advance reviews. :)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! Getting so close to release day :-)

  3. *Grin* Cant wait for my copy either!


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