Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Song about "Cloaked" and a Request

The Song:

My book will come out
Bet your bottom dollar that
You can read
My western version
Of Little
Red Riding Hood because
It's released!
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya, Tomorrow!
Release day in one more day.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya, Tomorrow!
There's only one day to wait!

The Request:

If you have not ordered Cloaked yet (both paperback and e-book are now available), would you be willing to wait until tomorrow (Friday, the 29th) to order it?  I'd like to see how high it would go on Amazon's charts if a whole bunch of people order it on the same day.  Here's a link to its page on Amazon.

And I'll leave you with another quotation from one of the advance readers who have already posted on Goodreads:

I'm also planning a little giveaway for tomorrow to celebrate release day, so be sure to check back by my blogs then!


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