Friday, October 09, 2015

The Bedtime Movie Tag

(I stole this from Ivy Miranda's blog because it cracks me up.)

Ivy Miranda tagged me with this.  Thanks!  This is a fun one, and such a nice length.  Not too long, not to short, not too heavy, not too light.

1.) A movie that kept you up all night

Well, I stayed up until 12:30am last night watching the Derek Jacobi version of Hamlet (1980).  That's as close to staying up all night as I get anymore.  Now, back in college, my best friend and I would routinely stay up until 2 or 3am watching movies on Friday night, then sleep like logs until noon on Saturday.  But I'm no longer so young, foolish, and child-free.  Today is going to involve a lot of coffee.

(Derek Jacobi and Lalla Ward)

2.) A movie that made you scared to sleep

Pretty much any horror movie I've ever seen, which is not many, but still too many.  I have this terrible problem with horror movies:  my brain stores away the things in them that terrify me, and then pulls them up when I'm trying to go to sleep, especially when Cowboy is away on a business trip and I'm going up the stairs alone.  Which is why, unless they involve only vampires, I no longer watch horror movies.

3.) A movie that made you go to sleep

I don't generally fall asleep during movies.  However, I am ashamed to admit that earlier this week, I tried watching Jacobi's Hamlet and gave up because I was so sleepy I actually dozed off while Polonius was pontificating to his children.

(Eric Porter as Polonius)

4.) A movie that left you tossing and turning all night in anticipation of its release

The Avengers, when I went to see it earlier this year as part of a double feature with The Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  I was way more keyed up about seeing The Avengers on the big screen for a sixth time than I was about seeing the sequel.

(I never get tired of this movie.  Or this moment.  Or this shot.)

5.) A movie that has your dream boyfriend/girlfriend ship of two separate movies

The first part of this question doesn't make sense, so I'm removing it.  I like to do crossovers in my head, but they don't generally involve romance.  Like, I've crossed Angel and Lost, and Angel and Combat!, and Combat! and The Man from UNCLE in my head.  But none of those involved romances.  Okay, how's this:  I think Audra Barkley (Linda Evans) of The Big Valley and Little Joe Cartwright (Michael Landon) of Bonanza would be a really cute couple.  And they both have a tendency to be very unlucky in love, so it would be nice for both of them if they finally had a successful romance.  (Yeah, all of those are TV shows, and this is supposed to be about movies.  Oops.)

(Audra and Little Joe)

6.) A movie that would be your worst nightmare to live in

Uh, well, discounting obvious answers like any horror movie ever, I would really not like to live in Les Miserables, any movie version of it, because that was a terrible time and place to be in.

(Not even for Hugh Jackman would I want to live in that world.)

7.) A movie that reminds you of nighttime

The Shadow (1994), probably because it mostly takes place during the night.  Alec Baldwin, Ian McKellen, Tim Curry -- it's a fun ride!  Also, it's based on one of my favorite classic radio dramas.

(Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows!)

8.) A movie that has a nightmarish cliffhanger

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) was pretty awful, with Smaug swooping off to kill Bard and his family and lots of other people too.

9.) A movie you actually dreamed about

So very many.  I dream about fictional characters all the time.  Recently I dreamed that Colin Firth was Van Helsing and ridding my giant old manor house of vampires, but my imagination just put that together -- CF has never played VH, though he was remarkably good in the role in my dream.  After I saw Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit a month or so ago, I dreamed about Chris Pine as Jack Ryan piloting a sail boat.  Those are the two most recent that I remember.

10.) A movie monster you would not want to find under your bed

Um, any of them.  Okay, I would be all right with vampires because I know how to kill them.  If I had to pick one that's not an obvious choice, um, oh, er, how about Jim Moriarty from the BBC's Sherlock?  (Yeah, it's another TV show, not a movie.  I'm a rebel, and I'll never, ever be any good.)  He's so annoying, and I just know he'd keep me awake all night long by talking nonsense and making weird faces.

(Um, yes, sorry... I find him annoying.  Very much so.)

So yup, there are my answers.  I now tag the following people:

Play if you want to!  And if I didn't tag you, but you want to play... go ahead!


  1. This is fun :) Nope, I wouldn't stay up all night to watch any movie either. Mein Schlafen ist sehr wichtig zu mir :)

    On a random note--you know how you were saying you really like Matt Damon? Well, I've just "cast" him as the hero of my next novel, which is a Holocaust/Resistance story set in the Netherlands in WWII. He looks soooooo perfect for the part that it ain't even funny.

    1. Jessica, how cool! He does well in the WWII setting :-)

      Ja. Ich muss geschlaffen, oder Ich bin sehr muerrisch.

    2. Genau richtig!

      Yep, I thought he'd do pretty well as a Dutch Resistance fighter. He looks like what my sister calls a "Masterful Man," and that's exactly what I needed for the part--so yeah. Plus he fits well with my heroine. (I couldn't find an actual actress to play her, but I found some photos of Nadia Comaneci from the 1976 abd 1980 Olympics that look just about right.)

  2. Hahahahah! I SOOOOOO agree with your last answer.

    And Audra and Joe would be a great couple. Thanks for the tag; this one looks fun!

    (I was also getting ready to re-watch The Shadow this weekend, oddly enough, cuz I've been building to overload on needing to see it.)

    1. DKoren, I know, right? Could you imagine how frightening it would be to find him anywhere in your house? EEEEEK!

      So funny that you're in the mood for The Shadow, cuz I have been lately too!

    2. Well, we could always watch that one together in the next few weeks.

  3. Thank you for tagging me!! I would love to do this tag. :)

    1. Laura, you're welcome! I hope you have fun with it.

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I might do this one, though I think a lot of my answers will require some thought first. :) But it looks like lots of fun anyway.

    1. Eva, you're welcome! It took me several days of thinking. My hardest was the "ship" question.

  5. I cannot do horror movies at all, thanks to my wicked imagination. Even if it doesn't bother me at all in daylight, as soon as all the lights are out and everyone's asleep, my mind decides to bring up every scary thing from every remotely scary movie I've seen and throw it in my face. It's terrible. That's why I don't watch horror movies. (That, and the fact that I just don't like 'em at all.)

    Little Joe! Whew. Is it hot in here?!?

    Ha, I feel like I DID live in Les Miserables for a few months, and I've never had such a good time in my life. ;-D

    Thanks for tagging me! This looks like a fun one.


    1. Emma, it's nice to meet someone with the same imagination problem! That is exactly what happens to me, and so although I foolishly allowed my friends to drag me to some scary movies when I was in my 20s, I now refuse them.

      Yeah, I know, that particular picture of Little Joe is particularly swoon-inducing...

  6. Thanks for tagging me!
    Your header <3

    1. You're welcome :-)

      November 17! The DVD comes out November 17! Only one month left to wait!

  7. On the going up stairs alone... in the dark... Oh, yes, I know. It's the something coming up behind and below you. And round the ankles particularly. ;P

    And I hadn't heard of The Shadow -- what is it about/what's the content like?

    1. Yes, The Thing That Lurks In The Dark Behind Me is terrifying.

      The Shadow is about a really horrible guy who gives up his life of being a drug kingpin in the Far East and begins stopping crime in NYC. In the 1930s. Oh dear, it's so hard to explain. He uses the power of his own mind to cloud other people's minds so they only see his shadow and do as he tells them to, like to stop mugging someone. But then this bad guy with the same power shows up. It's far-fetched and fantastical, but also great fun. Content-wise, there are a few mild bad words, there's one scene where a woman wakes up in bed in a slinky negligee but they make it clear she has spent the night alone, and there's some actiony violence. The sets and costumes are delicious if you go in for Art Deco, which I do.

  8. Commenting for the cinderella giveaway! I thought it was funny how you picked Les Miserable as the movie you would not want to live in... I wouldnt either though I don't know if thats the worst one :(

    1. Carrie, yeah, it might not be the worst ever, but it would still be pretty awful :-b


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