Friday, May 29, 2015

MEMM Day 28 - Favorite Middle Earth-related item(s) you own

I have a lot of Middle-Earth related mathoms, as they'd call them in the Shire.  Shirts, bookmarks, jewelry, mugs, posters, maps, pens, journals, board games, vases, candle holders, and of course the books and movies themselves.  Today, I'm just going to show you four things:

These are my favorite Middle-Earth-related items, and the ones I use the most often.  Not coincidentally, they are all from the same Etsy shop, The Ring and the Lion, run by my crafting friend Sarah.  She buys handmade pottery and then hand-paints phrases on them in Elvish with gold.  The two on the left she made for me by request, with specific phrases on them that I like to be reminded of.

The big green mug on the left says "Go where you must go, and hope!"  The brown mug says, "Forth now, and fear no darkness!"  The pale green mug says "May the stars shine on your journey."  And the blue vase says, "For all hobbits share a love for things that grow."  I use the big green mug for flowers too, when I have great big bunches of them.

My most favorite is the pale green mug:

I didn't capture it very well in the photo, but the handle of that one has a little leaf at the top of it, which is so elegant and Elvish-looking.

I actually have a tea light holder from her too, that says, "A light in the darkness shall spring" around it.  But it's really small and didn't look nifty with these pieces, so I didn't include it.  I've bought several other pieces from her too, over the years, as gifts for one friend or another.  Sarah makes other cool things too, and her whole shop is dedicated to Tolkien- and C.S. Lewis-inspired stuff, so definitely go check it out!

And look at that!  I finished the whole meme!  It only took me FOUR full months, but hey.  I didn't quit!  Yay!  Thanks for exploring the Middle Earth movies with me :-)  And as Gandalf says, "Go where you must go, and hope!"


  1. Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I like the dark green one best :)

  2. Yay for finishing! Very pretty!

  3. Those are beautiful and so cool!

  4. Awesome! I should check out that shop...

    1. You completely should! And if you have a favorite quote you'd like put on something, convo her and ask if she's got any undecorated pieces she could do for you -- she quite often has some mugs and things she hasn't painted yet, and she'll send you pictures so you can see if you like any of them.

  5. I keep meaning and meaning to comment on here (planning it and so forth for about a week ;P) and now here I am! ;)

    These are SO gorgeous! I LOVE them!! That shape of the pale green one particularly is so incredibly elegant.

    "Forth now, and fear no darkness!" is a favorite line -- and my absolute top favorite is on your small vase, "A light in the darkness shall spring." That poem/passage is probably the tingliest part for me in the entire LOTR..... ;D

    1. Heidi, thank you! I'm glad you like them :-) I wish she'd had more like the green mug, because I would have bought lots of them, hee.

      I like "A light in the darkness shall spring" especially well because it doesn't get overquoted like "Not all those who wander are lost." (And I get very annoyed with people who misquote it and leave out the "those." This is silly of me, but true.)


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