Saturday, May 02, 2015

April, 2015 -- The Good Parts Version

Here we go again!  A compilation of fun stuff I encountered online over the past month, but didn't blog about individually.


A friend linked to this on Facebook, and it has been cracking me and my kids up for weeks.  Clean, ultra-hilarious comedy from Tim Conway and Harvey Korman on The Carol Burnett Show in 1969:

And now for something completely different... J. R. R. Tolkien reading a poem in Elvish:

Your life is now complete.  You're welcome.  (Thank you to Hannah for pinning that!)

And lastly, in honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out far too many months from now, here's a vid of the University of Maryland's chapel bells playing the Imperial March:

(Cowboy found that.  Now you see why I married him.)

Blog Posts

The Shakespeare comics blog "Peace, Good Tickle Brain" did a mash-up of Hamlet with songs from The Sound of Music.  Um, yes.  It's quite amusing.  Here's part 1 -- you can click through to each subsequent part from there. (Thank you to my Cowboy for finding it and sharing it with me because he knew it would make me laugh.)

Mystery author Camille LaGuire explains here why mystery as a genre was almost murdered by booksellers, and how Amazon saved it.   Completely fascinating, especially if you love mysteries OR if you're an author interested in how the publishing world works.  (Thank you, Elisabeth Grace Foley, for linking to it on your blog!)

A super-duper long post by Javier Grillo-Marxuach about what it was like to write for Lost during it's first seasons -- an attempt to answer that infernal question, "Did you know what you were doing the whole time, or just making it up as you went along?"   TL;DR:  "...inspiration is always augmented through improvisation, collaboration, serendipity, and plain, old, unglamorous Hard Work."  (Also, he calls my Sawyer "a southern-fried con artist whose skills would have been essentially useless in the wild," which cracks me up.)  WARNING:  Contains some major bad language, but only a little.  (Many thanks to Noumenon for pointing me to it.)

This excellent review of the Dana Andrews western The Ox-Bow Incident by Eva Schon.  TOBI is one of my absolute least-favorite movies ever, but unlike most of the movies I hate, I hate it because it's so well-made and realistic and possible that it frightens me, whereas usually I hate movies that are dumb or badly made or just plain gross.

Lastly, a thought-provoking look at daily ways people can lay down their lives for their friends on one of my favorite blogs, Sister Daughter Mother Wife.

Pinterest Fun

I love this -- the artwork, the idea, everything:


And what a great concept this has:

And I'm fascinated by this comparison of all the characters in five different versions of Pride and Prejudice.  (Thank you to Ruth for pinning that!)


I meant to post this yesterday, but I was kind of wandering around in an Avengers-induced haze all day and forgot :-o


  1. Aw! You're welcome!

    And I love your new blog banner! :)

    1. Thanks! I felt the need for something more springy/summery. That's one of my favorite shots in all of the Middle Earth movies.

  2. For some reason, I didn't even see this post come up in my dash when you first published it. Huh. Weird. Anywho...thanks for linking to my review! That was a nice surprise. :)

    Love that P&P comparison thingy. I've seen all those versions except the one second from right. (Which I don't even recognize.)

    1. You're welcome :-)

      I think the second-from-right is maybe Lost in Austen? I haven't seen it.


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