Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MEMM Day 15 - Favorite moment/line in "An Unexpected Journey"

My favorite moment and line are one and the same this time:

"Look, I know you doubt me.   I know you always have.

"And you're right, I often think of Bag End.   I miss my books.  And my armchair.  And my garden. 

"See, that's where I belong.  That's home.

"And that's why I came back.  Because…you don't have one.   A home.

"It was taken from you.

"But I will help you take it back, if I can."

And then I smile and tear up at the same time.  Kind of like Gandalf.


  1. Replies
    1. I know, right? Soooooooo wonderful on so many levels.

    2. It's just...too beautiful...I can't...

  2. One of the many moments in this trilogy that proves why Bilbo is not only the most awesome hobbit in Middle-Earth, but one of the best characters in ANY movie, ever.

  3. Aww, yes. Great moment. Bilbo's the best. :D I like how he says "if I can" too. He's going to do everything he can, but knows how hard it'll be.


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