Friday, March 13, 2015

An Authorial Interview

My sweet blogging friend Heidi Peterson has a new author blog, as you may recall.  She's just posted an interview with... me!  :-D  Please do go read it here, and follow her blog if you're interested in writerly things.  She posts an inspirational or thought-provoking writing quote every month, reviews books about writing, and interviews writers -- great fun!

(This is my desktop background from time to time, whenever I've been slacking.)


  1. Thanks so much for posting on BOTH blogs!!! You're one of the best. :)

    (P.S. And "finger pointing" pictures are great. You know my protagonist collage? Where his pistol's aiming straight at the camera? I've got that one up on the wall and it's working marvelously.)

    1. You're welcome :-)

      (And aren't they fun? It seems like fictional characters or strangers scolding me for not writing are very effective. A pistol would be even better!)


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