Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For Now

I'm trying to write two movie reviews, get ready for my Tolkien blog party, and catch up on my blog reading.  But right now, I only have 2 minutes before it's time to make lunch, so I'm just going to share this picture, because I found it in a glorious two-page spread in The Lone Ranger:  Behind the Mask, which I've been savoring over the past week.

This is a shot of four Texas Rangers waiting for the train to arrive.  On the train are a dangerous outlaw coming to face justice, the Indian who's been hunting him for decades, and a freshly minted lawyer.  One of these Texas Rangers is the lawyer's brother.  But you don't need to know any of that to be struck by this image, do you?  It's glorious.  It makes me want to write thirty different stories all at once.  I can only look at it for a little bit before I'm overcome by this whirlwind of crazy emotions and ideas and... yeah, now I'm way over my time limit.  Better just post this and head to the chuck wagon.


  1. Oh, yes, it IS a great photo, and I can see that it could readily inspire all sorts of imaginings and stories.

    I understand the backlog you are in. I've got to write 3 movies reviews, a birthday post for Claudette Colbert, and an article for Femnista. In the midst of that, I'm trying to learn a new genealogical software program, prepare for a garage sale, and read some of the Gish blogathon entries. I SO need more time!

    Enjoy lunch with your little ones.

    1. Lunch was good, thanks!

      I had a garage sale a couple of months ago -- I pity you! SO much work. On the other hand, I made a nice chunk of change and got rid of so much stuff we don't need, so yay.

      Good luck getting all your posts done! I kind of wish I didn't keep having such good ideas for more things for my blog party, as it's kind of eating up my spare time -- but I want to get as much done ahead of time in case someone gets sick or something.

  2. Not to mention Dan is leeeaaannnnnning oh so nicely. It is a fabulous picture.

    1. Uh-huh. So's one of the other rangers. Wait until the big version hits you right between the eyes!

      Also, all of them are wearing pants that look to be about 8 inches too long. Cracks me up.


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